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    Been having problems getting into the forums with my iPad lately.  Anyone else having any issues or suggestions?


    Iohone as well.


    Glad I’m not the only one but it does make me not come here as often with the issues as it’s a big pain in the a**


    Too hard to navigate the site, half my posts didn’t go through and it takes me back to the homepage after every post.  I’m out


    I have tried to correct my spelling but keep getting a white screen.


    this seems too simplistic to be of much value to those having problems but I have noticed that sometimes I am not logged in, even though I think I am.  Most of the problems I have had are when I am not logged in.  Probably won’t help but it is easy to check your logged in status and see if getting logged in makes the problems go away, or at least less of a problem.


    This website has problems and Kevin and Greg need to acknowledge it and get it fixed.  I’m about to give up on it.


    I have iPhone issues also.  Logging in helps, but often I can’t get the home page to come up by iPhone so that I can log in.  Using iPhone, which is more convenient, has become a pain in the ass.

    From my computer with Microsoft operating system, I don’t usually have any issues.


    I do acknowledge them, and every time I hear about them I work on them with what I am able to bring to bear, and pass them along to tech support when I can’t fix them.

    Are all the problems everyone is seeing on iPads or iPhones? Any problems with Macs or PCs? Any problems with Androids or other mobile devices? I need to have more information to try to fix the problems.

    First, as noted, make sure you are logged in.

    Please respond with:

    The device you are using

    The web browser

    The page you are accessing: forums, story page?

    What happens. Blank screen? Cant access?


    Sometimes it works, more often it doesn’t.  Normally use an iPad but have also had problem with a pc.  Blank screens, no access to log in both happen.  Sometimes one, sometimes the other.  Love your content, but the website issues are making it too hard.  Also, load times seem abnormally long all the time.


    I use mainly PC and sometimes a Desk Top.  Very rarely use my phone (Android) but get the same results.  It’s too hard to move around on my phone.  When I make a post, either new post or respond it takes a long time for the site to respond.  Moving from tab to tab at the top of the page is the same.  Very seldom does it take less than 15 seconds.  mostly up to 30 seconds or more.  At times when it takes the longest, I’ve noticed a new article on the front page.  May or may not have something to do with it.


    Just took me almost 1 minute to post my revision on the above thread.  And now there are 2 ads appearing that weren’t there before.  One in the second sheperdstown thread and one at the bottom of the page.  Both are Trump ads.




    1. Blank screen

    2. Ads between every topic

    3. Click on topic and directed to another page with ads

    4. Not a blank screen but just a few bits of tiny text

    5. Just takes forever to load


    Same here, frustrating.


    I am having issues on my Droid a d my PC. Sometimes I get a white screen with a heading and other times I get just a blank white screen.


    Nothing has improved for me Kevin across ipad/iPhone, android, Chrome, Firefox, with and without VPN, etc.  Has been pretty bad the past 2 weeks. Tried looking for your help link but when I look for it I can’t get on.  I’ll write it down if you post it again.

    The thing is this is a better place for conversation and I feel better posting here with my information and experience about college athletics than other sites.


    iPad and iPhone issues logged in or out same issue, severe lag time and posts don’t go through and can’t get into threads as it keeps sending me back to the home page and the dreaded circle of death just spins and spins have to continually log in and out just to jump start the system.  Hell even this post took me 3 times to type it

    Update, I can only access topics that I posted in such as this one as it shows the last post made, when I can get to the topic list it won’t let me access any topic


    Just opened up this site again.  Google Chrome on a laptop.  HOme screen just had the BGN banner.  Closed and reopened.  Banner and tab list only.  Nothing below, just white screen.   Clicked on forums, this forum.  Took a little time to open to the forum list. Clicked on this thread and it took over a minute to open.

    PS.  Just closed out of another site with no problems and no long waits to refresh.


    For me I exclusively use and iPhone and have frequent page not loading issues.

    Seems like it’s almost an issue with caching.  When I’m having the white screen issues it’s happening on Forums I bookmark or threads I have previously visited.  Even within this forum, a new thread opens fine but a thread I’ve already viewed white screens.  If I drop back out to the main website and browse back in to the Pulitzer forum, it loads fine because I haven’t visited it previously.

    Usually what I do is clear my cache and try again with better results.  It just sucks to have to do that so much just to browse the forums.


    Thanks for the additional info. I am working with tech support on this this morning, and will keep after it. This is not a level of service that is acceptable to me, and I will keep working on it.

    I know it is frustrating, and I am frustrated with it too, but I will keep after it, and will do everything I can to get these things resolved.

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