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    You have great content and users are not hill jacks making stupid comments.  Just need to get the website working better.


    cc: I don’t think that at all, hopefully you don’t think that is my viewpoint. I take feedback seriously, and am doing everything in my power to improve it.


    OK, there have been some changes made this a.m. that we hope will help. Clear your cache and let us know the results.

    If these don’t help, we have another angle of changes to try, so we are continuing to work all avenues possible.



    Not sure what you mean.  Meant last comment as a compliment


    When you said “users are not hilljacks making stupid comments” I thought you meant that we were viewing the problems being described as dumb comments by users. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that is not our view.

    I do appeciate the support, and we are still working on these issues.


    Now my attempts at responding to this thread are not showing up.


    I’ll try this again…

    No luck for me after changes.  2 blank page loads and just the header load.

    Im also having trouble with posting now too… see attached Error above post:




    still taking a long time to load a thread, post response, change tabs.


    consistently almost 15 seconds.


    Correction. that one was 32 seconds.


    That one 27 seconds.
    Laptop, Chrome. On the road at a Hilton and paid for high speed.
    Don’t have this problem tonight with other web sites.


    I use a PC and from day 1 it always takes forever to open and post on this site.


    For those still having problems, did you clear your cache? If not, please do that and let me know the results. I am seeing better times on Tuesday morning, and am still working on some database cleanup and other potential fixes.

    Also, I’m happy to work with anyone over the phone to narrow down problems further. If you want to do that, please send an email to “Help@BlueGoldNews.com” with a contact # in it and I will set up a time to call you.


    I’ve cleared my cache many times. That doesn’t negate the fact that this doesn’t happen on other sites. As I’ve stated many times, the only time the delays happen is with this site.


    I am not intimating that the problem does not lie here. The request to clear caches is to make sure that everything that is cached from this site is cleared out, so that the fixes and changes we are working on are seen by your browser. If you have some code or info from this site cached, and that isn’t cleared out when we make changes, you likely aren’t going to see any improvements.

    This is also not meant to say that you will have to keep doing this all the time. Just as we work to try to correct these issues.

    As of yesterday evening/this morning, perfomance on my iPhone and PC with Chrome browser looked better. If you are not seeng the same, please feel free to email the Help address listed above with a phone # where I can call you to work on your specific problems.


    Still taking over 30 seconds to load. Have iPad. Use google, cleared my cache.


    Also posted on Silver Site – Just a heads up!

    I feel for both you guys at B&G and also the subscribers.
    Not knowing what software, hardware, IT experience, etc
    involved here, it should be noted that the computer environ
    is a complex, changing by the minute challenge with a zillion
    variables. It’s constantly leap-frogging your experience and
    technical state! And with a live system, it becomes more
    difficult to identify problems because of lack of “down time”
    required which turns into trial and error system testing, which
    often times results in other problems! And many times the CYA
    mode kicks in and results in out- sourcing which means
    BIG BUCKS! Which B&G probably doesn’t have or wants to avoid!
    It doesn’t apply here, but an old IT saw was, “You always have
    time to fix a problem but never enough time to get it right the
    first time”!!!!


    Please respond with:

    The device you are using: iPad Pro, Multiple Windows 10 boxes

    The web browser: Chrome, IE and Firefox

    The page you are accessing: The entire site

    What happens. Blank screen? Cant access?: The login times out and I get nothing but the outline of the page. I select Forums > Forum List, wait 45 seconds, select which forum I want to look at, wait 45 seconds, select a thread to ready, wait 45 seconds (see the pattern here?) Ads everywhere. I updated my membership and I still see ads everywhere. Slowness everywhere regardless of connecting mobile, work, home.


    cc and eerinNC

    Would you email


    And provide me with a phone # and a time when I can work with you while you have your devices? I am seeing better response times on my Win 10 PC and on an iPhone, but clearly that’s not getting out to everyone. Thanks.


    Still blank page loading issues for me.

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