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    Here’s you a minute and a half video of me on an iPhone showing how unusable these forums are… It shows the page header loads, the blank loads, the inability for the hamburger button menu to load and when it does it’s blank so no ability to log in or out. It also shows the delay in the page loads and a white screen load at the end for good measure.

    All of this was after I cleared my cache. I had to get on a PC and use a browser to even make this post it’s so unusable from an iOS device.



    Thanks for the input.

    I am running tests on an iPhone now, and it looks ok. So, I think we may be narrowing it down to iPads?

    Again, I’d really like to schedule a time with you and others to look at a few more settings. If you will email us at the Help address with a phone # where we can call you that could really help us get a handle on it.

    Also was the performance ok on the PC?


    Still constant issues on an iPhone. It’s about 70/30 that I’m going to have issues browsing to these forums.


    Same here. Also had a white screen the other day on my desktop.


    I have found if I double click on a topic or board I often get the white screen.


    Please send me the device make and model you are using, along with the operating system version.

    If you haven’t, can you update to the latest iOS or other operating system on whatever device you are using, then see if that helps?




    iPad, recently updated this week. I have found that if I don’t double click, I no longer have problems


    Cleared cache, running version 13.1.3 on iPhone and 13.3 on iPad. Both are still having the same issues as everyone else. Getting harder and harder to view so I pretty much don’t get on much anymore

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)
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