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    This was pretty lame from Huggs. By telling the players it isn’t their fault and disclosing that postgame, he’s basically saying that he believes the officiating determined the outcome of the game.

    I get sticking up for your guys, but where is the accountability he preaches both from himself and from the players?

    Clearly the players deserve some of the blame as this is the 5th or 6th game they have choked away.

    The officials didn’t make Huggs stop running offense and bleed the shot clock with Carter and a high ball screen for 7-8 minutes. He completely went away from the strategy that built the lead.

    The free throw disparity was a joke but I’d argue the prevent offense down the stretch had more to do with the loss.

    He said he was trying to take care of the ball but it astounds me after the previous 2 years that the people in the program don’t understand you have to finish Kansas at Allen Fieldhouse, you can’t run the clock out on them.

    I wish he had owned the fact that his poor strategy was a major factor.


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    30 free throws differential would doom about any team to a loss.

    With Higgins blowing the whistle against his favorite target, Huggins, you can’t tell me that was not the difference in the game.

    Yes, WVU offense was shaky in the half-court. But an even break in the whistle would have given WVU the victory.



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    And yet despite the whistle we led by 12 through 30 minutes. It was hardly just the fouls.


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    I’ve been pretty patient in responding after the latest of debacles. This story line can be spun any which way to sway the masses–it’s no different than the way “news” has been “reported” for decades. Just an analogy, before I get jumped on.

    Here’s the way I see it: This latest loss has mirrored a lot of games over the last three weeks where this team had a commanding lead, only to blow it in the final minutes of the game. Sometimes, the whole game changed due to a whistle. Often, a whistle had nothing whatsoever at all to do with it.

    Anyone who knows anything at all about sports will admit that the victor overcomes obstacles. It should also be noted that a victor does not lay down and quit before the finish line. That’s EXACTLY what this team has grown accustomed to doing over this miserable stretch, with few exceptions. They become suddenly complacent with the clock winding down. Sometimes I think that’s the coaching staff’s fault. Other times, it’s clearly on the guys in uniform. It’s not different than the ‘chicken or egg’ analogy, IMO–especially when it becomes a habit–which it clearly has.

    That imparted, I don’t know how a 35-2 differential from the FT line can be spun, no matter how damned hard it’s spun, and the piles of BS that props it up. That’s absolutely shameful from an “officiating” standpoint. Or it most effing certainly SHOULD BE!!!

    In that vein, I’d like to know what the data shows when Higgins “officiates” a WVU basketball game. Because it’s been clear to me for a hell of a long time that when his sorry ass shows up on the same court as WVU and Huggins, WVU winds up on the short end of the stick, hands down.

    I’ll quit here before I say what I REALLY think about the “officiating” that this league has chosen to put out there on the hardwood……..


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    Agree 100%.

    One of the very few times I’ve been disappointed in Huggs. While the foul disparity is alarming we had game in hand and, as has become our normal, pissed it away with timid offense and shoddy defense. That’s the reality.


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    I’m ok with Huggs speaking out against the refs and taking up for his team. Saying it wasn’t their fault was doing both!

    I think it was more Huggs’ fault than the team’s when he had the stall the final 8 minutes or so…

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    NoPitty, I agree 100%. We should have won that game with or without the biased officiating. But when you look at what they did in the last couple minutes it, the zebras sure had an effect on the game. Phantom fouls. Esa gets his lip bloodied and no foul, but he gets tagged with the foul. Sags gets an elbow in the throat and it is called play on……

    Huggs has the right to speak up when the officiating is that lopsided. You can’t overcome 35-2 FT’s. We almost did, but the officials had their way the last few minutes.

    Maybe we as a fan base should take the tactic that Kentucky did against Higgins.

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