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    What’s the story with Jalen Bridges? He shows on the roster on BGN but I’ve never seen him on the floor. Per other pages, he was a 4 star recruit with other big offers (tOSU, Penn St, Ind, Marquette, etc). Is he redshirting?


    Red shirting, EER.


    The good news with this is that Jalen and the coaches agreed on this plan.

    I’ve tried to watch him a bit in warmups. His release looks a little strange but he tends to make the ball go in, so that’s a plus at least for now. 

    Also, he looks a legit 6-7 – not the stretched out numbers that guys 6-5 or so sometimes get attached to them. Long arms, and moves pretty well. I think he has a lot of potential. In some ways reminds of Emmitt Matthews.


    I didn’t know it was an agreed on plan. That’s good to know. Will be good for depth next year as we replace a couple of seniors.

    I’m sure they will work on his shot some. It’s funny you mention Matthews. Even the announcers in a recent game mentioned that Matthews shot still has some sidespin to it. I hadn’t paid much attention to it until then, but it is somewhat unique.


    Good point on the shot. You can see it on his free throws some. With Jalen, his shooting arm isn’t as vertical as you might like in the classic sense, and the release is a little different. But, if it’s repeatable, and the results are good, perhaps you don’t try to change it.

    I remember a guy that played at Fairmont a long time ago, Kevin Beaford. He shot what I called a hemisphere ball, it rotated like the earth.  But it went in.


    I seem to vaguely remember Beaford.  I know this, I’ll bet when he rimmed it, that sucker circled that rim like a spinning top with that type of spin.


    He definitely didn’t get many friendly rolls. It was either swish or miss, but there were a lot of the former. He’s in the FSC Hall of Fame.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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