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    MORGANTOWN, W.Va.  — The love-hate affair that West Virginia fans have had with quarterback Jarret Doege took a new and, to be quite honest, unexpecte
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    Good read ….. except this …

    “The one thing we don’t know is whether Brown wants to have him back or whether he feels it’s time to move on and see what’s behind Door No. 3.”

    Why even go there.  Not good Bob.


    Doege Day!  He has been the scapegoat, but they would not have won without him Saturday.  Good for him.  Good for the Mountaineers.  WV needs a bridge to the youngsters in the QB room next year.  Maybe it’s who they already have.  We shall see.


    Too often this year, critics (fans) have blamed him for losses that was not his fault, but were more team breakdowns.  That too often happens with young teams that must use unproven defensive backs and freshmen manning the offensive line.

    It takes team effort to put vast numbers on the scoreboard, and the Mountaineers, at this point, aren’t quite there.  Although QBs get the praise when the team is successful, and are the goats when the teams fail.

    But, the last time I checked wins and losses are caused by team play and team effort, not by one player, even if the player is the QB.

    My hope is that the QB comes back for one final go round.


    Ccteam.  I agree. the Mountaineers do need him as a bridge for the younger players.  Without him, or a upper class man from the portal, I think the Mountaineers would be in deep  trouble next year.  They should be fine in 2023, but 2022 is an entirely different story.

    IMO, the present QB is a much better option than would any they could get in the portal.  So, my hope is that he returns for another year.  It would probably also help him.  Additional education never hurt anyone.  There is life after football.


    He’s made significant improvement this year.  I mean, he still has some fundamental flaws like lack of mobility and not performing well when pressured.  However, his deep ball accuracy and decision making when he has time has improved.


    There is plenty of blame for some of the L’s that go directly to Doege.  Throwing the pick in the UM game that was into double and triple coverage.  Throwing balls late and behind crossing receivers.  Not making the right reads in the progression.  That doesn’t even take into account the lack of athletic ability to move in the pocket.  Get rid of the ball instead of taking a sack.  Inability to hit guys down field or on the deep sideline.

    All of those things are getting better, but still not quite there …… except his lead feet. That just doesn’t change at this point.

    But …… for the most part if the coaches put a game plan together that highlights his short game and quick passes he is very good at what he does best.  As much blame as we put on Jarrett for the L’s we need to look harder at the coaches that put him into a bad situation by asking him to do things that are outside of his comfort zone.

    Much more of the blame lies in the play calling and that is on the Coaches.

    Unless we are going to give Greene or Crowder extended game time reps we have to stick with Doege.  Green is a huge threat on the ground.  His short game is OK for what we’ve seen.  Unfortunately Brown doesn’t have confidence to leave him in for more than a series at a time.  And mostly for a single play or two.  That doesn’t give him the experience he needs to develop.  And it’s almost crazy to put in a True FR to lead a team.  Crowder may be part of the future but you don’t want to destroy his confidence when we know he isn’t ready.  Same for the Nicco next year.

    Next year when/if Jarrett comes back then the fight for starting QB goes thru him.  If it is Jarrett, game plans need to stay away from the things he can’t do.  Our current play callers just don’t seem to have this type of a  mindset.


    Hate to say it Eugene his Bridge is washed out. If you want to have him teach Pop Warner or high school level ok but no way on Gods Green Earth do I want him working with up and coming QB unless you want them to learn how to hose up


    My God just LEAVE ALREADY! He’s so horrible and opposing fanbases just clown on him every single week! Let’s please turn the page and forget the Doege chapter ever existed..


    I just don’t see how anyone can possibly feel good about this!


    Why do you care what opposing fan bases think?


    I’m glad he is a Mountaineer.  His weaknesses blind some to the fact he is #5 or 6 on the all time list for yardage at WV.


    Please say it isn’t so… desire is one thing but talent is another.  The ceiling is real low with Doege….you know what you’re going to get unfortunately he may be good for 5-6 wins and that isn’t going to set well with fans/boosters


    Who do you think NEAL WOULD RATHER HAVE IN THE OPENER AGAINST PITT, Doege or some inexperienced QB?


    Hate to say it Eugene his Bridge is washed out. If you want to have him teach Pop Warner or high school level ok but no way on Gods Green Earth do I want him working with up and coming QB unless you want them to learn how to hose up

    There are dozens hundreds of coaches/mentors who were not great at playing, but were/are excellent coaches. He’s not going to be teaching them hesitancy or even be able to impart the shakiness he sometimes has under fire.


    CCteam.  My thoughts are more with yours than with many others.

    Doege is not an all American, but he is much better than this fan base gives him credit for.

    IMO, the Mountaineers would be much better off having Doege part of the team, than not be.

    I would feel much better next year with Doege at QB than an unproven, sophomore or freshman.

    Some of you doing the criticizing f Doege this year, what will your reaction be next year if Doege doesn’t return and neither Greene or the freshman are ready to be the starter?  Will you then double down on your criticism of the coach, or would you look in the mirror, and admit you were wrong, and are at least partly to blame because of your criticism?

    I don’t know whether either of the backups are ready to lead the team.  And, I certainly doubt the incoming QB will be ready for team leadership.


    So let me ask a question…. Who is responsible to get the next QB ready to play?  Maybe getting some PT during those games that were all but wipeouts? I agree that we’re in bad shape next year at QB, Doege is definitely not the answer but will HCNB buck up and give someone else a chance?  It’ll be his ass on the hot seat if he doesn’t produce serious improvement next season


    Hell he will comeback next year is going to be the same. I have reached the point where I no longer really care. If they get the bowl game here of Tucson I will be there. It’s close easy to get too. 25 minutes at the most for here in 2 hours from Tucson. Don’t cost much other than a ticket and gas which the way it’s going going to cost more than the damn ticket 😀👏.


    Doesn’t matter who the QB is next year.  If the coaches can’t put together a game plan that works with the QB that is in there we will be in the same shape next year as we are this.

    If you think a RFR or 3rd year guy or even a quality Portal transfer can’t step up, just look at the past.  RFR White took over and didn’t look back.


    I’d like to know why Austin Kendall walked after he saved the team in the Liberty Bowl win v Army.  Despite his slow start under Brown, he was the only other QB w experience in the qb room and the red flags over Doege’s play were flapping in the wind high above Puskar Stadium well before Army game.  I would’ve hoped the message to Kendall (a 4 star qb recruit in a long line of potential OU Heisman candidates) was that the qb competition is wide open and yours to win.   my gut tells me Doege was Brown’s pick from the start and the writing was on wall.    Help me understand why inexperience is the only backup to Doege,  thanks

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