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    …the current disaster of a situation is on Neil Browns shoulders!!

    Neil Brown’s decision to stick with Doege is unexcusable at this point. He has placed Doege in a situation to fail!! It’s obvious that Doege does NOT give the team the best chance to win!! He cannot get the play call in, in a timely fashion(causing numerous delay of game penalties throughout the season), he cannot see the field and work through his progressions in a timely manner, he is so immobile that we can’t even use roll out passes, he forces passes into coverage at costly times(look at his INT totals), and his accuracy is VERY inconsistent!! Any intelligent coach would have moved on from Doege weeks ago by giving Garrett Greene or Will Crowder a TRUE chance!!

    Spot plays here and there for Greene is NOT giving him a chance!! He has only been given a running package to use!! He has seldom been given the chance to throw the ball, so ZERO chance to develop!! Most of the time he has been put into games have been in HORRIBLE situations that Doege got us into, then when Greene saves the drive and gets a 1st down, Neil Brown puts Doege back in!! That’s disrespectful and a slap in the face to Greene!! I wouldn’t blame Greene for transferring immediately!! Brown is wasting his talent, instead of developing it!!

    I think Brown would rather continue losing, than to admit that he made a severe mistake by naming Doege the starter at ANY point before or during this season!! Anyone that says Doege gives us the best chance to win is an idiot!! I’m sick of hearing that BS!! WE ARE 4-6 NOW🤦🤦🤦!! ANY QB can do that!! Hell, I could do that with the talent we have everywhere else on the field!!

    The last area that Brown is responsible for is play calling on offense AND defense!! Play calling is atrocious on both sides of the ball!! That’s on Brown and his coordinators!! 🤦🤦🤦🤬🤬🤬

    Don’t be surprised when a bunch of our talented players leave after this season, if not before!! Don’t be surprised when talented commits decommit and look elsewhere!! NO ONE COULD BLAME THEM!!

    The turning point for WVU football will happen, when the correct changes are made regarding the coaching staff!!

    I’m sure Shane Lyons feels like an idiot for giving Brown a contract extension during the off-season!! If he doesn’t, then he SHOULD!! HE NEEDS TO FIX THE PROBLEMS WITHIN THE PROGRAM NOW, BEFORE WVU BECOMES A REGULAR BOTTOM FEEDER IN the FBS!! Unfortunately, as things stand now, that’s the obvious direction that WVU football headed!! The proper changes NEED to be made NOW, BEFORE the program is too far gone to repair!!🤦🤦🤦😞😞😞🤬🤬🤬

    Troll this thread, if u want, but All of my points about the problems the program is facing is accurate!! I’m only saying that because there’s a few people on this message board that would rather watch WVU sports crash and burn forever, than to admit they were wrong about Doege and/or Brown being what’s best for WVU football!!🙄🙄🤦🤦


    We just need things to stay as they are. You can’t argue much with consistency that’s what you really want come on now


    Doege had nothing to do with the targeting call that took the ball away from WVU in a good spot on the field, and gave it to Kansas State with good field position. He was not the lineman or the punter on the blocked punt that led to the TD. Those two plays cost the Mountaineers 14 points. Also, the first interception can’t be laid directly on Doege. The receiver had some responsibility there.

    I don’t blame those two plays on Doege, nor do I blame them or the coaching staff. I also don’t blame the coaching staff on the long return that led to another TD.

    Although, I having been at their practices, I fully believe the targeting has been covered many times, as well as protecting the punter, and I’m sure that special teams have been stressed many times, both on limiting returns, and working to get the punts off.

    Unfortunately, the Mountaineers don’t have a kicker with a strong enough leg to kick long and high. That’s hurt the Mountaineers on a number of times this year, and it hurt the team today.

    What is bothering me about the game is the number of fumbles by Brown. Most often the Mountaineers’s running backs in years past have had more sure hands. But recently Brown is fumbling the ball much too often. Its sometimes is recovered by the Mountaineers, but often is not.

    Those of you who are still blaming Doedge for the defeat must have watched a different game than I did.

    Brown’s fumbles, the targeting call, the blocked punt, failing on kick offs to kick into the end zone or the failure to kick deep with good hang time, all played at least as much or more into this defeat than Doege’s failures.

    Yet, I’ve read more on this board about the coach’s failures, or Doege’s failures. The coaches are not on the field playing the game, and the best scripted games can lead to defeat. It’s still the players on the field.


    If talented commits change their mind on commitment and go elsewhere, it will be more on the shoulders of the fans who don’t have a clue, and tell the world how bad they think their coach is and how bad certain players are.

    It takes a non fan to continually attack the Mountaineer coaching staff, and Mountaineer team members. These fans are working for the betterment of the Mountaineer opponents and for the coaches that are recruiting against the Mountaineers. I assume you want the committed players to renege on their commitments, and sign with Mountaineer opponents. If you don’t want that, you are certainly post that way.

    Sometime back I read on a board that what fans write has no effect on commitments. That was totally wrong. Players do read these boards, and some young players will be swayed by them.

    What’s the matter with some of you? I don’t have a clue why Doege continually gets blamed for losses, even when they aren’t his fault.

    There was enough bad play, by the offense,defense and special teams that should have stopped the rhetoric that Doege should be benched and Greene, a red shirt freshman should start, with a true freshman backing him up.


    I just saw the targeting call it was clearly the right call.


    Eugene Kisner   ===  Stop the rhetoric about benching Doege because ST’s and D had a few bad plays?  Because the O didn’t do their job?

    Doege has proven for the last 3 years that he is what he is.  A very immobile QB that has an average arm for short passes, inaccurate on long throws and gets flustered when in pressure situation.

    The ESPiN broadcast team pointed out time after time how inaccurate Doege’s passes were.  Overthrown.  Late,  Missed open receivers.  Their commentary was embarrassing.  Every time he was under pressure we knew it wasn’t going to turn out good.  Then in the 2nd half the OL did give him a lot of time on some plays and Doege delivered.  All on short or intermediate throws.  Inconsistent is all we could say and it’s been that way all thru his career here.   Immobile QB that can deliver if there is little pressure.   That isn’t the QB that will lead a program to the top of the B12.

    And your statements about NON FANS attacking the program is absolutely off base.   Fans complaining about the lack of discipline, problems getting plays called in time,  game plans that ask players to do things that they aren’t capable of,  lack of preparation aren’t attacking the program to support the opponents.  They are pointing out things that are so obvious that even the ESPiN bobbleheads embarrassed us with their comments thru the whole 1st half and some of the 2nd.


    Point of this whole discussion is that we know we need to make changes.  Changes start with developing players and that has to start with the coaching.  It’s obvious that Doege is a stop gap till we develop a QB capable of taking this program to the top tier of the B12.  Getting Greene and/or Crowder time behind center, not just a few plays here and there in preparation for next year is going to set us up better for next year.


    Butlereer the season so to speak is pretty much done. We have to win the next 2 in order to qualify. With HCNB starting who he has consistently done it’s over


    My initial post starting this thread is not directed solely on today’s loss!! My assessment of the WVU football program is based on the results after 10 games this season.

    And, After watching Kansas upset Texas in Austin today, we r doomed to a 4-8 final record this season!! If either team performs at the level they did today, then it’s a guarenteed loss for WVU!! I HATE IT, BUT IM A REALIST!! I want what’s best for WVU sports!! Consistency and success!! But, MAJOR changes MUST be made immediately to accomplish either of those goals, much less both of them!!



    Major changes, yes.   We know we need to go in a different direction at QB.  That is a given.  At least many/most of us know it is a given.

    We can/should start that change to get Greene and Crowder ready for next year.  They will be the front runners to lead this team in 2022.

    Next major changes?  To many it’s obvious that at least two coaching changes need to be made.  And neither include HCNB.  Making the changes ASAP may send a positive message to recruits signing on 12/15/21.


    It was absolutely the right call. But that potentially changed the outcome of the game by 14 points. We know that it gave KS seven points and with the interception, WVU had good field position. The ball changed from being WVU’s ball to KS’s ball almost in the red zone. That play alone may have been the game changer.


    There are a lot of factors to WVU losing football games and it’s always easiest to point at the QB, the most important position in football, but I agree with others here this was a team lacking discipline almost the entire game.

    The first pass of the game should have been a massive gain, lots of open field, instead it bounces off the chest and intercepted, WVU suddenly down 7-0.

    The blocked punt after it was nearly blocked on the previous punt, should have seen that coming, and WVU did not adjust.  Now down 14-0, this is not on the QB.

    Fumbles, kick returns gashing WVU all season long, it’s a very difficult situation.

    Big 12 has some good teams this year, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Iowa State, they’re all solid.  WVU is simply below the median of this league this year and it hurts.

    We STILL have 2 games to go and bowl eligibility is still there.  Win out (all games winnable) and get that bowl bid!


    Butler, most often I agree with you, but when you write that changing the coaching staff now from the one that recruited them may save this class, I totally disagree.

    The Mountaineers have not had a highly ranked QB recruit since Geno Smith.
    They have relied on QBs gotten through transfer.

    From what I read and from what I have observed, I think that WVU has a change gamer committed. The worse thing the Mountaineers could do would be fire the coaching staff that got them committed. And the second worse thing would be for the fans to post all the negatives they’ve been posting to steer commits away from the Mountaineers.


    WVUalum:  you wrote a positive, intelligent post that I totally agree with.

    I wish that some others would have watched the same game that we did.

    Unfortunately, as you pointed out, the Mountaineer coaches made one major mistake and that was not placing more emphasis on protecting the punter on the blocked punt.

    But, when fans call for benching the QB, and firing the staff, that’s beyond dumb.  Neither the staff nor the QB caused this loss.


    Fans posting their concerns is the 2nd worse thing for the program?  Really?  You think that an apathetic fan base that doesn’t care how screwed up the program is will be best to keep their mouths shut?   We can be like Pitt for years and just stay away from the program.  Stay away from games.  You can go to the games and cheer for a team that get embarrassed by mid to lower tier teams.  Cheer for them when there are more empty seats than full.  Have you seen a Pitt home game for the last 10 years?  Didn’t change until Pitt changed coaching staffs and developed players.  Sad to say that Pitt is in much better shape at this point than WVU.

    We can agree to disagree.  I’m a fan of NB and think this program is in much better shape today even if the record doesn’t reflect it.  But there are MAJOR changes that need to be made this year.  Change them now.  Change them at the end of the season.  But they absolutely must be changed.


    If serious changes aren’t made then …..


    Need I remind everyone again … and risk the wrath of those who don’t want to see it … that Neal Brown is having the worst first three seasons by ANY WVU coach in MORE THAN 40 YEARS. Talking about the QB, the hard-working RB fumbling just buries the real problem. 


    Note: at this point in time, Brown’s first three seasons in the B-12 is no worse than Dana’s first three years in the B-12.  if, and it’s a big if, the Mountaineers win the next two games, Brown’s record will be better than Dana’s at similar points in time in the B-12.

    And, the big difference is Brown’s staff is bringing in much better recruits than Dana did.  So, the future looks brighter under Brown than it did under Dana.

    The Mountaineers need quality players.  Yet, the Mountaineers are playing with lower experience level players, playing against upper class players on most, if not all teams th they’ve played.


    Kansas State is not the upper class of the BigXII, and our mediocre starting QB is a 5th year senior with 4 years of starting experience.


    Neal is no worse than Dana’s first 3 seasons in the Big 12? Did you even look up the numbers? I did.

    After a 10-3 start in the Big East, Dana Holgorsen went 7-6, 4-8 and 7-6 (in Big 12, 4-5, 2-7, 5-4).

    Dana was 11-16 in his first 3 seasons in the Big 12.

    Neal Brown is 15-17 overall and, in the Big 12, he’s 2-5 this season, 4-4 last season and 3-6 in 2019. That’s 9-15.

    That’s 40.7% in Big 12 in 3 seasons for Dana and 37.5% for Neal. So, no, Neal is NOT better than Dana. Both are piss-poor, but Neal is even more piss-poor than Dana, who hardly is the poster coach for WVU success.

    43 years of being a newspaper editor taught me: Research before you post an make a fool of yourself.

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