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    3.2 % difference between Dana And Neal?
    And this is an important distinction, why?
    What was the SOS for the teams?
    That would seem important to make your numbers relevant and credible!
    Apples and sour grapes!?


    Ah, attack anyone you disagree with. Even when the numbers show you lied. The American way these days. By the way, that’s a 7.86% difference, not a 3.2% difference. Still taking math classes at Pitt? 


    You made a post saying Brown had the worst 3 year start in the last 40 years.  To prove that point you used overall records.  You referenced that post and those stats in this thread.  Eugene simply said that Brown was no worse than Dana is in his first 3 years that we were in the Big 12.

    YOU changed the stats to suddenly be “Big 12 record only”.  That’s fine as a discussion.  But if you are going to post overall record and make a point, and someone counterpoints – and then you decide to use different numbers and call that person a liar based on a different set of data….well…that just makes you awful.

    By your numbers Dana is 18 – 20 overall the first 3 years we were in the Big 12.  Brown is 15-17.    Both of those round to 47%.  If you’re argument is over the tenths of percentage points difference, you can eat sand.  There is no statistical significance in that difference.



    To be clear I’m neither supporting or attacking Brown here.  Feel free to do either, but at least be accurate about it.  Moreover, don’t call someone a liar because you screwed up.


    I agree with you. I thought he was comparing how they fared in the Big 12 games. Overall, about the same. But comparing only Big 12 games is comparing apples to oranges. Comparing non-conference games, too, is not. Isn’t that fair? But I agree with you that, when we discuss, we have to go by the same parameters. I thought I was doing that by using only Big 12 games. I didn’t know how it was going to turn out before I did it so I didn’t just pick numbers that matched my agenda. I always let the numbers speak and I listen. So now we’re arguing about whether Neal or Dana is the rottener coach. Hmnn. Much more fun talking ab0ut Doc Spears, Rich, Don Nehlen, Bobby Bowden, Bob Huggins, Fred Schaus. No intelligent person can deny that they were excellent coaches. Or are, in Huggins’ case.


    Ah, attack anyone you disagree with. Even when the numbers show you lied.
    “That’s 40.7% in Big 12 in 3 seasons for Dana and 37.5% for Neal. “
    “By the way, that’s a 7.86% difference, not a 3.2% difference. Still taking math classes at Pitt?”

    So, anyone that disagrees with you is considered “an attack”!?
    BTW, the above are your so called numbers!


    Regardless of who had the better winning percentage, they both suck We didn’t see drastic improvement from DH coached teams and we’re definitely not seeing improvement from NB teams……


    As I said previously when you  count Dana’s BE record.  It was made by using Bill Stewart’s players, and coaches.  And, from what I’ve read, Dana’s input to the team was as OC only.  He would have been OC if Bill Stewart had remained head coach.

    2012 was Dana’s first year that he had total control of the team.  2012 was the first year that he hand picked his DC and had total control over the team.  But, even then, I’ve read that he still was more the OC than he was head coach.   In the beginning, he didn’t place emphasis on the defensive side of the ball.

    Anyway we want to cut it, the BE in 2011 was not nearly as strong as the B-12  was.  Dana’s first two years in the B-12, 2012 and 2013, Dana’s and the Mountaineer record was 10 wins and 16 losses.

    In Brown’s first two years in the B-12, Brown was eleven wins and eleven losses, with a bowl win.

    The Mountaineers had just one bowl win beginning when the Mountaineers entered the B-12 in 2012 until he left after the 2018 season



    who changed my post? Comparing only conference games is comparing apples to apples. Throwing in non-conference games is comparing apples to oranges. 


    To repeat my early post:

    Dana Holgorsen went 7-6, 4-8 and 7-6 (in Big 12, 4-5, 2-7, 5-4).

    Dana was 11-16 in his first 3 seasons in the Big 12 in conference games.

    Neal Brown is 15-17 overall and, in the Big 12, he’s 2-5 this season, 4-4 last season and 3-6 in 2019. That’s 9-15 in conference games.

    Neal hasn’t caught up to Dana yet. Close, but not quite at Dana’s level, and we both agree that Dana was no Rich, Don, Bobby or Jim.


    Tony, I could debate your last post, but won’t waste my time there.

    I assume you have noted that Dana’s success rate in his first two years in the B-12 was just over 37%.

    Dana is no longer the Mountaineer coach.  Even though I didn’t like his attitude, his success rate, and especially his success rate in bowl games, I supported him and the players.

    But now Brown is coach.  So, I now support Brown and his players.  I will not knowingly post derogatory message on this board or any other that can do harm to the Mountaineer program, including their recruiting.

    I know that the Mountaineers don’t have enough talented players to successfully compete against many opponents.

    I look forward to Mountaineer success having  a coach who places emphasis on recruiting, and being the COACH, not the offensive coordinator.

    Tony. if you are a big fan of Dana’s follow Houston.  Dana now coaches there.

    Brown has proven to be a better recruiter than Dana.  I suspect that Dana will do well in recruiting in Texas, because you don’t need to work hard to get recruits where there’s a large number just in the city where the team is located.

    But, depending upon the recruiting service, in a late year before leaving for Houston, the Mountaineers were ranked 51 in one ranking and 59 in another.  Considering including ND, there are only 65 major P-5 schools.  So, there weren’t many schools ranked below the Mountaineers’ ranking.


    Rechecking Dana’s record, I made an error.  I counted his record for the second year as three wins and nine losses.  It should have been four wins and eight losses..  So Dana”s first three years in the B-12 should have been 18 wins and 20 losses, including two bowl game losses.

    The same goes for his first two years, Dana’s record should have been listed as eleven wins and fourteen losses.

    Somehow I had Dana’s second year record as three wins and nine losses, instead of four wins and eight losses..  It was a big mistake on my part.  I think that I must have mistakenly put RichRod’s first year record on Dana’s record


    Cuya, you are correct.  I somehow had Dana’s second year as three wins and nine losses instead of four wins and eight losses.  I was mistaken.


    No knowledgeable person can disagree with that. I sure don’t. We’re just discussing which one is lower at the bottom of the totem pole.


    I feel like o am listening to Charlie Browns Teacher now


    Kansas State is the best of the middle of the pack.

    Oklahoma State is CLEARLY the top team in this conference.

    Baylor, Oklahoma, and Kansas State are the next in order.  Iowa State is a mystery, they were considered top dog, but have fallen into the middle.

    The bottom of the pack is Texas Tech, WVU, TCU, Texas, and Kansas.



    OSU is not clearly the best.  Wait till they finish their season before coronating  them.  Season is 12 games plus at least one bowl game


    Not saying they won’t prove to be the best, but they are not currently clearly the best


    “Tony. if you are a big fan of Dana’s follow Houston. Dana now coaches there.”

    Eugene, WTH are you talking about?
    I’ve NEVER made any comments about Dana’s records?

    Get your people right!


    “Wonder what WVU’s record would be this year with all 4 and 5 star players on the team. Yea, recruiting is part of coaching and school is a great part of making a coach good. Put Day or Saban in the same position that Brown has inherited! At this point in time, not sure how much better the team would be.
    Next year? Would they be able to get the QB PROBLEM corrected? It will definitely be the key to success next year. Pitt is waiting!”

    Eugene, is this the post?

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