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    Hey Johni.  WVU has 1 more schollie open for next year.  Portal awaits…..


    Think the portal sprung a leak a long time ago! Just about every team playing has a guy or two that played somewhere else last year! Not sure if open transfer has not already occurred ?



    No, the one time open transfer rule has not passed yet, although it is expected to do so sometime this spring.


    I was impressed as well. That said he faded as the game went on. Big bodies on his slight frame?


    As I watched the game again, he got bu with using his elbows to make space. He might have fouled out if they had called more of those. He played very well especially for a freshman.


    I thought Gabe did a good job in just denying him the ball, and perhaps that frustrated him some as the game went on. Gabe, as usual, was very active, and deflected a couple of passes as well as quartering him on either side.  Derek picked up on that in the 2H and kept him from getting the ball cleanly.


    Gabe was like stink on shit guarding him.  His 4 fouls in 15 mins was about normal.  The one blocking foul where Gabe took 2 or 3 battering ram hits with Broome’s shoulder before being knocked to the floor was a horrific call.  Given a warning for flopping?? iirc.  I thought those Shack back down moves were supposed to be offensive fouls?

    In any case his 15 mins kept Derek in the game for 24 mins and 4 fouls also.  If Emmitt and Jalen can’t take up some of the slack in the paint we will have problems every game.


    In fairness, Gabe was bumping him as much as Broome was leaning in, but it should have been a no call.


    Gabe will never get those calls.


    I could have lived with a double foul on each participant.  They both were looking for contact.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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