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    Josh Sills The Latest Mountaineer In The Transfer Portal West Virginia offensive lineman Josh Sills reportedly has entered the transfer portal. Cole C
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    Say it ain’t so Josh. That is a disappointment.


    It was sure nice of WVU to pay for his surgery so he can go play his last year some where else.


    I am not sure what is going on…. neal brown seems like the type of coach you would want to play for… but some good players ae leaving….. why??????….does he want to run them off….. are we missing something on a day to day basis ….. it is hard to build a team or full roster if you constantly need to replace parts…. i know portal is a new trend ….but wow this constant change is not a good thing


    Why would he transfer? He had a very good shot at starting next year. With this departure it depletes an OL that was starting to look pretty good. On top of that we will be further behind the 85 allowed mark.
    Something has to be changed with this portal thing. I get it that it’s good for players that want to move on. But it is potentially devastating to the program when they lose multiple players and can’t replace them because of the limit on yearly numbers.


    Have these recent guys been told they won’t play next year? Or have they already been approached by someone? I could see Sills going to tOSU and play a lot. Maybe it’s the chance to play for a NC team? But the large number is puzzling!?


    AD Shane Lyons said WVU looked at transfer numbers across all its sports over the past 4-5 years, and that there is not a marked increase over that time with the advent of the portal. It’s a matter of perception – because players have to declare they are going to explore transferring, and there’s a one-stop clearinghouse for that, they are more public and more visible.

    Sills was obviously not a fan of playing center, and if that was a potential, that could have been a factor.


    Transfer portals also are a 2-way street, so WVU may benefit from someone else’s. Transfers have been a way of life these days. WVU loses a bunch. WVU gets a bunch. As has been said before, you play with those who show up. Good coaches handle this, no matter who they lose or who they attract to Morgantown. Life and sports are complicated. As they said about Bear Bryant, he could take your X’s and O’s and beat you with his X’s and O’s. We’ll see what Neal Brown really is made of next season. Solid gold, I hope.


    But you only get 25 per year. Too many lost this year


    Is there a quick list of players with eligibility remaining that we lost this year? Seems like we’ve lost more this year than in the past and the spring semester hasn’t started yet. There are always a couple casualties due to grades, injuries and disinterest. Then there will be more portal entries when guys get passed on the depth chart.


    Bye Josh thank you for what you did for the team. Time to move on to his replacement. Anyone have any idea if his replacement was signed yesterday or are we still looking?


    Ccteam thank you….. that is exactly the point…..
    You cant do a one for one replacement doesnt work that way…. and if you keep losing people you will continue to be thin in positions….. i think it is a “bad breathe is better than no breathe”…… then when your roster is built you can run people off…… of course you cant keep attitude problems…. but i am not hearing that the kids that are leaving are attitude problems


    Kids are leaving now days for more playing time, more notoriety. The numbers that Shane referred to were the first year’s numbers in the portal. We’ve seen this year increase and I’d bet that it goes up again next year. This isn’t just a problem in FB and BB, it’s across all sports.


    I don’t see Sills playing at tosu … is delusional if he thinks so … but I am surprised he is leaving WVU …will be interesting where he ends up


    We don’t know the whole story. I will withhold judgement. Know the family. But it is disappointing.

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