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    Wife, “Tony, who won”?
    Wife, “Tony, are you awake”?
    “Texas won”!
    Wife, ” You know the kids and your friends and relatives keep
    asking why you torture yourself watching WVU play, are you
    nuts? It’s the same every game on the road, right”!?
    “I guess I might be! You know the old definition of insanity? Doing
    the same thing over and over and expecting different results”!?
    Wife, ” Wouldn’t that apply to stupidity? Or even stubbornness “?”Yeah, but there’s always hope”!
    Wife, “Well, he better be able to coach or shoot or whatever hell
    it takes! When does football start?”


    My wife pretty much said the same thing to me.  Let me preface this by saying that I’m way to cheap to upgrade my cable to get ESPNU and even more against paying Disney for ESPN+.  Most of those games we go to my sons or in-law’s place to watch.

    This game I was in the game room downstairs listening to TC on the computer while tracking stats on stat tracker thru the WVU web site.   Wife upstairs in the family room listening on her computer.  She walked downstairs after half time and said she’s done.  Done for the rest of the year.  Then proceeded to tell me that if I’m going to keep watching these games and continue to be in a bad mood after each game we better not be in the same room.  She then told me to not talk to her until I got this out of my system.  Then she walked away, shut the door on her way back upstairs.

    Geeeezzzzzz…… Didn’t think it had that much of an effect on me.  But she’s right.  My friends at work even know to not talk about the game because I go on a rant about how good they SHOULD be and how bad they really are.  Didn’t think it was that bad, but it is.

    Oh well, Baseball has already started.  Started out 5-1 then…..  Ooooops….  Lost two on Sun.  Couldn’t hold the lead in the 1st game then ….. Blown out 12-2 in the 2nd game.  Will this down spiral ever end?????

    I may have to go on suicide watch.


    I hear you Butlereer will not pay for  espn-…My Dish Network 120 package I get espnu and espn2. So I

    get to scream at the TV when watching WVU, NOT PLAY BASKETBALL. For now anyway, the main

    reason I pay for that to high service IS to watch WVU sports. And a lot of that will be taken away, thanks

    little 12 !!!!!!!!!!!


    Carbon copies of my household.

    Man, is it depressing………


    Years ago, I used to loose my religion with every loss/poor performance.

    Now, I realize (or try to more often) that it doesn’t help or change a thing – go figure.  I’m certainly not in a good mood after a loss, but at least the Lunatic is gone, haha

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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