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    Wonder if the B12 will kick out some of these kids.


    Both benches empties…… DeSousa picked up a chair??? and threw it??? Benches for both teams ejected. 5 guy on the floor finished the game with 1 sec left.


    has to be enough suspensions to impact this coming weekend’s games. More on Kansas I would think. No reason for the KU player(s) to go that ballistic with such a large lead. It was just an inconsequential steal.


    that was crazy to watch…


    This will make wins at home over Kansas and K state less impactful since there will be a number of suspensions. I can see DeSousa gone.


    Reminds me of the fight in a Big 10 game back in the sixties. Pretty sure it was between OSU and Minnesota. Some stomping occurred in that game as well. Pretty sure it was Minnesota players stomping on OSU players and not sure it was at the end of the game. Well covered by Sports Illustrated at the time but photos only, no video. Don’t remember what the outcome was but there were more fights back then and more acceptance of them. But that one did cause quite an uproar because it was so violent, even for that time.


    We’re coming up on the 50th anniversary of one of the most bizarre finishes in WVU history. Some of you might have been present for the Syracuse game on Feb. 14, 1970; I had a ticket but went home for the weekend.

    MORGANTOWN (UPI) — West Virginia University broke a three-game losing skein here during the weekend, but the game was marred by a fracas between two Syracuse players and referee Herb Young. West Virginia downed the Orangemen 94-84 when the game was called with 1:01 remaining after Syracuse’s 6-foot-ll center Bill Smith threw a punch at Young. The referee had just called Smith’s fifth personal foul of the game. Then, Syracuse forward Bob McDaniel dashed off the bench and swatted at the referee with a warmup jersey.

    McDaniel had been ejected from the game seven seconds earlier on a technical foul after a pushing foul had been called, and McDaniel disputed the call. A fan joined in the action running from the stands and tackling Smith. Police and ushers then broke up the fracas that had spread to the sidelines. No civil charges were lodged, police said.

    WVU athletic director Robert N. (Red) Brown said, “I can’t understand spectators doing things like this.” When the new WVU Coliseum is finished next year, the fans will be far enough away from the playing floor that if anybody wanted to come on the floor, anything happening would be over before he got there,” Brown said.


    Anyone using the word “fracas” is okay in my book! 😉


    WVU assistant coach Erik Martin chimes in:


    WVU athletic director Robert N. (Red) Brown said, “I can’t understand spectators doing things like this.” When the new WVU Coliseum is finished next year, the fans will be far enough away from the playing floor that if anybody wanted to come on the floor, anything happening would be over before he got there,” Brown said.

    That’s funny, because the stands are just about three steps from the floor in the Coliseum, and Gucci Row is even closer now.

    In a story that was handed down to me, though, the decision to put press row in the Coliseum up high, rather than courtside, was due in part to limit Mickey Furfari from heckling officials.


    Thanks, was a little different than I recalled except for the violence.  Hard to understand why a winning team would react that way.  At least Minnesota was losing.  But I think they are similar and some of the Kansas players may be gone for the year.


    Just a quick review of Official Big XII rules:

    Section 12 of the handbook regards “Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct.”

    Rule 12.3.1, Verbal or Physical Abuse: “Prior to, during and after a contest, coaches, student-athletes…are prohibited from committing verbally or physically abusive acts toward game officials or an opponent’s team members, coaching staff, institutional personnel or fans.”

    Rule 12.2.4, Coach Responsibility: “Coaches are expected to be role models and have the greatest influence over the young people in their programs and must continually emphasize the need for sportsmanship. Coaches have responsibility to control the behavior of their student-athletes and staff members to ensure they are demonstrating respect for their opponents, the game officials and the game itself. Coaches shall remain in their designated areas during a contest and refrain from behavior with the purpose of inciting the crowd toward negative conduct.”

    Rule 12.2.3, Game Management Responsibility: “The Member Institution’s AD shall have responsibility to take reasonable steps to create an environment that is fair and safe for visiting teams and officials. The AD, or his/ her designee, must contact the visiting coach of a spectator sport to address any issues and identify the game manager who can respond to concerns during the contest and the location of this individual during the contest. Each institution must arrange its seating at spectator events so as to emphasize sportsmanship and minimize harassment of the visiting teams. Member Institutions shall also have a protocol that ensures the protection of all participants and related personnel, including safely escorting teams, coaches, officials and administrative staffs off the playing surface, particularly in the event of a postgame celebration (e.g., court or field storming).”

    Rule 12.2.1, Institutional Responsibility: “Member Institutions have the responsibility to take all reasonable steps to ensure that all university employees, students, and others in attendance at athletics events conduct themselves in a dignified manner and exhibit respect and courtesy towards game officials, other institutions and their employees, students (including student-athletes) and fans.”

    Rule 12.2, General Statement: “All those associated with the Conference athletic programs…have responsibility to conduct themselves consistent with the principles of sportsmanship.”

    Rule 12.4.5, Penalties: “The penalties that may be imposed by the Commissioner for violation of these standards may include, but are not limited to, private and public reprimand, institutional fines, and suspension from practice and/or competition.”


    In 2018, when Tech beat WVU and that WVU player hit a fan, both the WVU player and Tech got a public reprimand and Tech got a $25K fine.  The WVU player violated 12.3.1 and Tech violated 12.2.3.


    Thanks, GunsUp. 

    There is a lot of video to watch, and the schools and league will have to go through them all multiple times, watching each person involved, to decide on a punishment.

    I would doubt that all of the players ejected from the game will have to serve any suspensions concurrently, but we’ll see how that plays out. I would think the league would have the say on that.



    Kansas and Big 12 just announced that KU’s Silvio De Sousa has been suspended indefinitely for his actions in last night’s fight. The length of time of that suspension has not been revealed. Also it hasn’t been announced if there are going to be any other suspensions. In my opinion, Kansas State’s James Love deserves a heavy suspension himself. He was the Wildcat dressed in street clothes who came off the bench and really escalated the fight. His punishment probably should be as severe as De Sousa’s, but he deserves something substantial himself. Of course since he plays so little – just one game this year – any punishment he receives will be insignificant. 


    My question is How is Kansas able to be playing all their players or even be playing at all this season???  Weren’t they supposed to be sanctioned?


    “Suspended indefinitely.” Well, I guess that means he won’t see any action until after the first media timeout of the Tennessee game. Pfffffffffffffffffffffffft!!!

    That was absolutely DISGRACEFUL.  That thug should not only be DONE at KU, he should face prosecution for assault.


    I expect McCormack will get a game or two suspension as well. Haven’t watched itvthat closely but he appears to stomp on multiple persons as the fight neared the wall.


    To say he threw the chair is inaccurate. Thankfully someone swatted it from his hands as he was raring back to deliver the blow.

    That said he certainly intended to hit someone with the chair/stool.

    The kid has been a huge disappointment for KU, he was a big time recruit who gave KU a big boost when gained his eligibility midway through his freshman season. After a decent stint early on he has been a non factor. Losing him would mean little to their prospects.

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