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    WVU -15 1/2 O/U 55 1/@


    That is a big number.



    Real big


    I was thinking more of a -10.5 because WVU hasn’t been winning games by more than 2 scores.

    That being said, night game in Kansas with bowl eligibility on the line coming off a strong performance against Texas.

    Make it happen, would be nice to cover and win without blood pressure rising and heart palpitations.  Let’s be real though, we will have stress.


    No surprises with Kansas.  They bring it and if WVU has no mental lapses, they’ll be okay.  Right?


    Who would have thought that Kansas would be a pivotal game when the season started?

    Lose this game and prepare for a bleak winter.  Win this game and our season goes on with valuable practices before the bowl game.


    Jarrett has something to prove.

    Parker and Moore may have more to prove.


    My thoughts are just win.  I don’t care if it’s by one point or a hundred points.

    I take that back, if it’s by a hundred points the Mountaineers could play freshmen QBs in the second half.

    But, after the Texas game when they let it all hang out, I’m not sure they’ll be as much up for this game.  It will surprise me if they win by 10.

    This is not the Kansas team of a few weeks ago.


    Games have lined up/played out that have allowed me to see a decent bit of Kansas this year from start to finish.

    From the first game of they year, I thought they were better organized, played with more effort, and hung in as much as they could. Not massively better, but the big thing was they had a QB that could make a few plays.

    Now they are on another QB, and he looks better. They are still quite thin and don’t have  lot of great players, or ones that would be playing a lot at other B12 schools, but I think they at least have some buy-in and are competing.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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