Lack Of Games In Charleston Remains A Glaring Oversight

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    Anyone who thinks WVU loses home court advantage by playing in Charleston really doesn’t have a grasp of reality. 74-22 all time for a .771 clip compared to a .782 clip in Morgantown.

    WVU doesn’t lose money playing in Charleston. The only way it even becomes close is when they play some schlep in Charleston that doesn’t draw. In fact, for years WVU has gone out and secured sponsorship for games in Charleston, and not just the Marshall game, that helps cover all the travel and arena costs, including shipping bus loads of students to Charleston for the games. Throw in the fact that for the Marshall game the sponsorship was also a revenue generator for both teams since they split the tickets, and WVU did not lose money by playing in Charleston.

    And while it gets pointed out that “only” 8,384 people came to WVU’s last game in Charleston, the failure to point out that the game was against Western Carolina hampers the discussion.
    It also miserably fails to point out that right before that December 7, 2016 game in Charleston against Western Carolina, WVU faced Manhattan in Morgantown in front of 8,190. and the week after WVU hosted VMI on December 10 in front of 9,023 and then UMKC in front of 8,800 and then Radford in front of 8,311.

    Context sometimes helps

    I think even the most lazy person can review the attendance records on and see that December games traditionally draw 8,000-9,000 in Morgantown even in the years with high expectations.

    No I wouldn’t play a conference game in Charleston. Ever, unless the game vs the other team was also played on a “neutral” court, like playing K-State in Kansas City, or Texas in Dallas, which will never happen.

    But I’d try to secure a neutral and neutral game with a team like Duke or Alabama or North Carolina or Florida State, etc.
    And before you vomit at the idea, WVU is 2-0 vs Duke all time in Charleston and has never lost to UNC on the hardwood, anywhere.

    Play Clemson in Charleston and Columbia
    Play South Carolina in Charleston and Charleston
    Play UNC in Charleston and Charlotte
    Play Duke in Charleston and Charlotte
    Play Georgia in Atlanta and Charleston

    I also like the idea of having a Christmas style four team tournament there like teams all used to do in the old days
    Have a four team set of Kentucky, West Virginia, Marshall and Western Kentucky, with UK playing Marshall and WVU playing Western, then WVU and UK in the final.
    Marshall and Western might not want to do that because it would mean they play 3 times in a year, but it would be a better non conference game than either of them get regularly.

    Have a four game set in Charleston with this:
    South Carolina
    Coastal Carolina

    South Carolina

    Ohio State
    Virginia Tech

    On top of that come to an agreement with UC to have a four team D-II set at the Civic Center during the same time.
    UC, West Liberty and two D-II powers.
    And make a huge event out of the whole thing.

    And pair that up with a big high school tournament as well

    Bring in high school teams from around the country to play South Charleston, Capital, Woodrow Wilson and Wheeling Park

    It can be done.



    Your final proposal is attractive, particularly when you throw in the DII and HS games as well. That makes far more sense than a one off game for the benefit of the Charleston donors. That said you do list someteams that would be a tough get without major sponsorship. I like the concept though.


    Yeah, Deuce’s proposal could have legs.  I hadn’t thought that far out of the box, but kudos to Bill for thinking that way.  It could be named in some manner or another to honor West, Hundley, and Thorn – and hell, Fritz Williams too.

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