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    It came as no surprise for those who had been paying attention, but West Virginia senior running back Leddie Brown announced Thursday that he was opti
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    Mathis will fill the void.


    And so it begins once again


    I get it but I don’t.  Play with your team one more game.  What really are you going to do differently to prepare for the draft that you you may not even reach?


    I never figured Leddie for a quitter but you never know with these guys anymore. And please don’t tell me that he is not a quitter…..that’s exactly what a quitter does….quits on his team.


    The “begin preparation for a pro career” is like “respect my decision”.  Just a stock phrase that everyone uses.

    There is no doubt that every player that hopes to get drafted will be working away to shave a tenth of a second off their dash and shuttle times, and to cut body fat and improve measurables. I’m not sure how much two more weeks adds in that ability.

    Just say, ‘I’m not risking an injury’, and be done with it. And along the way, leave out the expressions of loyalty. Can’t have that call both ways, IMO.


    I will admit I stuck my finger in the air to see which way the winds were blowing on this thing.

    Glad to see everyone is pretty much in the same camp.I think it shows ingratitude to the university and the fans.

    Leddie, in my mind, won’t be a featured back somewhere.I just don’t think he has the speed or the shake for the NFL.


    This is the new world of college athletics. Transfer, opt out, get paid for endorsement, etc…

    Makes it hard to be as passionate as I once was.


    I guess I’m not as surprised or upset at the opt-outs as I used to be.  Must be getting used to it.

    What I would like to see is the actual #s on this:

    In the history of the bowl system, how many players have actually sustained an injury in the bowl game that affected their NFL draft status and/or career?

    How many players sustained an injury in one of the All-Star games that affected their NFL draft status and/or career?

    I would say that the numbers are very low.




    I agree.  Unless a player is afraid of being injured in a bowl game, or is afraid the bowl game will show others that he shouldn’t be drafted, why bail out on your team before a bowl game?

    It appears that Brown will be a low draft choice, if a draft choice, a super good performance in a bowl game may somewhat elevate him up a round or two.  There are a number of running backs projected to be drafted before Brown, so why not take a chance that may elevate his perceived value.



    I think it is low. Just that those that opt out get an article on every college FB site.

    In our daily links today, there’s a tracker that lists the known players opting out. Right now its fewer than 10.



    Commitment to your teammates

    Commitment to your coaches

    Start the season, finish the season

    Bowl games are an expectation, not an exhibition

    I wish Leddie well. But decisions like these have a cascading effect on the team.

    Next year’s forecast always gets momentum from a bowl win vs a bowl loss, no matter the bowl.

    Momentum towards signing day is always raised from a bowl win vs a bowl loss.

    Both as just perception

    People who like to cite statistics don’t care that your QB, tailback and best OL sat out the bowl game. They only mention the fact that the team lost a game.

    When they put Neal Brown’s coaching record on the screen, they don’t put up a regular season record for wins and losses, and then a caveat for bowl games.

    If you’re good enough, scouts come and watch practice and they will be at the bowl game. Skipping this game misses a key opportunity to show out for scouts

    And scouts can see when your ability to run is largely hampered by your OL’s inability to keep people off you. And they can also see when you sack up and fight for your team through adversity and play your role from start to finish.

    Going to a Senior Bowl type game to perform in front of NFL scouts is also a good opportunity. But do you want to get the chance to be the guy (on your team) or be one of the guys (on the all-star team) in front of scouts? I don’t know the perfect answer to that. But bailing on your team before the season is over is not the answer.

    I’ve said it about kids that quit mid-season. I say it about people who opt out of bowl games.

    Key contributors who opt out are not showing loyalty to their brothers. They are breaking their commitment to the team.

    And in this case a guy who isn’t even ranked in the top 10 at his position for the draft.

    Again, I love what Leddie has done for the team since the first time he carried the ball here. I don’t harbor any ill will towards him for making this decision. It is completely his right to make this decision. He’s been a model Mountaineer for his whole career.

    But that doesn’t do diddly for me as a fan on 12/28 when my favorite team suits up to play a football game for the last time in 2021.



    What he said  ^^^^^^^


    The worst part of bowl season is knowing that the majority of the teams are without coaches and many case head coaches, and now top level pro prospects or others who just simply opt out.



    I wish Leddie well.  He has been a great Mountaineer.  Just as I mean what I just said before, I am profoundly disappointed in his decision to opt out of the bowl.  I view Leddie as a warrior on the field and now that vision is tarnished in my mind by not going to war one more time with his battle brothers.


    BGDeuce perfectly expressed how I feel about this.  All I can say is ditto.


    I agree.


    Just wondering if he would  bail if WVU were in the FCS championship playoffs?


    I’m betting  …not.


    Well said Deuce.

    I can possibly see some of the absolute 1st rounders pulling out on a personal level if they think the risk of injury isn’t worth the reward.  But leaving your teammates in a game that gets national exposure shows how high you regard your teammates.

    But guys that are mid to late round choices that opt out are doing a disservice not only to their team, but themselves.  Chances of an injury is very slim.  Chances to highlight your talents one more time in front of the scouts is high.  Opt out to get ready for the draft?????   I call BullShit…….  What are you going to do differently in that 2 weeks working out for the draft that you can’t do at the same time working out for the game.  Not that much difference.

    Opting out saying “respect my decision” is the woke way of saying I don’t care about the team that got me to this position.  I care only about myself.

    Love ya Leddie.  Supported you thru your years in the Blue and Gold.  Wish you well in the future.  Wish you could have shown the same support for your fellow teammates this last game.


    Please stop using the term woke in your comments

    Leave politics and their talking points out of it.

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