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    I’ll refrain but woke isn’t necessarily political posturing. It’s an attitude.  Just like when I was in school in the 60’s and 70’s a “flower child” was all about me. Free spirited to do what ever I wanted and if you said different you were wrong and labeled as not caring.

    That’s not a discussion for this board.


    Bullcrap.  Stop ruining threads with political crap.  “I’ll refrain but….. here’s a paragraph not refraining “.  Seriously Butlereer,  stop.


    Duly noted.


    I just woke up and heard Bryce Young is going to play in the FCS post season.


    I like what Kevin said.  Don’t want to get hurt so I’m out.  Tell it like it is.  And agree, no talking about loyalty on your way on to bailing your team


    On the opposite side of the issue, DaSean Butler suffered a devastating injury in the post season.  May have cost him an NBA career


    Might actually be doing the coach and team a favor.
    Gives the backs coming back more game experience and forces the coaches to experiment with new ideas in the offense.
    It really is an EXHIBITION GAME!
    In the overall scheme of things, how important is it?
    coach’s record?
    Bowl record?
    Give me some new wrinkles on offense in the game!
    Since Leddie won’t be playing it’s a definite lost since he won’t gain 100 yds! 😏


    Im glad he is honestly. Id rather mathis and the freshmen get a good run for the bowl game. Honestly i think mathis is a better fit for our offense. Hes got more wiggle and speed. Which in this offensive system is needed more than leddies power. We never used leddie correctly his whole career. We tried running power dives and zones most of his career from a spread shotgun one back formation with a pro style QB who is immobile.


    I’d be willing to bet, within the next few years, we’ll be seeing players opt out of regular season games, haha


    Actually think it will settle down in a couple of years.  When most in the portal settle for less than they have, they will learn.  Marcel Pettaway a perfect example.  Watched MSU today.  He shared Carrie’s with them just like he would have with Mountaineers in Big 12.  He bet on himself and lost.  He would have been a major contributor at WV this year.  Instead he was a backup at a CUSA school.  Bad choice for him.


    I also agree with BGDeuce.


    Agree Deuce summed it up right on the money.


    I concur Deuce.  Leddie was a great player. I wish him well. I hope he makes with an NFL team.  But bailing on your team leaves a bad taste and IMO diminishes his Mountaineer legacy a little bit.

    Anxious to see Mathis and some of Johnson in bowl game.


    I wonder if the NCAA would consider allowing universities to purchase insurance for players for bowl games – especially those with NFL stock.  With NIL the culture is changing so this isn’t too out of bounds, I don’t think it offers universities a competitive edge, and it would eliminate the number 1 reason (we think) that players expected to get drafted sit out of bowl games.

    To be clear, I agree with everyone else.  I think Leddie should play.

    Having said that, I can also understand if a player comes from a particularly poor background, has a family, and is expected to be a high pick, how that is a tough decision (that’s not Leddie’s situation, btw).


    Interesting take on this board.  Most of the posters think that not playing is quitting on the team.  Most support Leddie thru the season but are not supportive of his decision to leave the team.

    On the other hand TOS is quite different.   Majority of the initial comments not only support Leddie for his past accomplishments but think it is OK for any player to opt out and don’t have a problem with them leaving the team.  Most think that the individual decision to leave overrides any accomplishment of the team or teammates that helped get the player to that level.

    Then there is TOOS.  Complete dumpster fire.


    I don’t blame Leddie for opting out of this bowl.  It’s a meaningless bowl and not worth the risk of getting injured.  I just hope we get to watch Leddie work his magic at the next level.  Thank you for being a Mountaineer, Leddie.  Your future in the NFL looks bright.


    Meaningless Bowl to whom?  Not to the players.  This is a reward for working their arse off all year.  Let’s not downgrade this trip just because some fans opinion.


    No game that keeps score is meaningless



    We have a chance to finish with a winning record and beat a team from the Big 10.  That’s meaningful to me.


    Maybe he should’ve opted out of the last 2-3 regular season games if he feared injury. Or maybe the last 5 games ? Where’s the line ? If he fears injury it’s probably best that he doesn’t play. Playing tentatively is a recipe for injury. Leddie has a decent chance to make an NFL roster. Not a blazer, but good speed, runs hard to get tough yards, catches the ball out of the backfield & is durable…..a proto type 3rd down back. I wish him well but still…..he’s a quitter.

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