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    Oh No…… Not Peter Pan and Dumbo….. Say it ain’t so.

    “In January, Disney blocked children younger than 7 from watching some classic animated movies including “Peter Pan,” “Dumbo” and “The Aristocats.” The move was made because of concerns that the films show racist stereotypes.”


    Amphibious cultural appropriation

    porcine as well I guess




    If you’d do a little research, you would discover that the Daily Wire has a strong right-wing bias and its factual reporting is questionable.  And by the way the plural of wacko is wackos, not wacko’s.   And also if you want to find a lot of wackos in America, the right wing seems to have many, many nutcases, such as The Proud Boys, The Oath Keepers, Alex Jones, QAnon, and so on.  You know, the kind of folks who attacked the Capitol on January 6.


    Actually you have to kind of go out your way to follow a lot of that stuff…


    whereas cnn is in every airport and federal building for the last 35 years and antifa has controlled parts of major cities for the past 10 months

    not really sure what your point is

    the guy with the Viking hat and his friends weren’t in any of those groups, neither was the BLM people that were there …


    Denial is a difficult thing blugldmn.  There’s still hope for you though.  I believe it


    Oldguy, I bow to you on the correction of plural vs possessive wacko.  Usually I am the grammar police and stand corrected.

    But …. you don’t have to go far to research the left wing wackos.  They are on every CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS news broadcast.  Nancy, Chuckie, Andrew, AOC and Bernie are the face of the future.  Their ideas of what the U.S. should look like are not even close to what the framers of the Constitution wrote.

    Google Left Wing Activist Groups in the U.S. and you’ll see almost every one has ties to Socialism.  Is that what we are heading for?  Is that what you want?

    Then the militant groups like ANTIFA and even Weather Underground aren’t shunned by the Left.  You remember The Weather Underground.  Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn …..  Pipe bombs in mail boxes.  Kill Cops.   Here’s what is written in the Britannica.

    Weather Underground, also called Weather Underground Organization, formerly Weatherman, militant group of young white Americans formed in 1969 that grew out of the anti-Vietnam War movement. The Weather Underground, originally known as Weatherman, evolved from the Third World Marxists, a faction within Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the major national organization representing the burgeoning New Left in the late 1960s. Members of the Weather Underground sought to advance communism through violent revolution, and the group called on America’s youth to create a rearguard action against the U.S. government that would bring about its downfall.

    Ayers and Dohrn,  you know ….. that’s the home that hosted the political rally that kicked off Obama’s political career.

    Bernadine Dohrn quote …

    Killing a cop just because he’s a cop, that’ll happen. And that should happen. And there’s nothing inhuman about it at all. It’s survival. It’s the most human thing in the world.


    Far left and far right are much more alike than they are different.  Anyone embracing violence to achieve their goals is wrong.   The continuum between right and left is a circle, not a straight line.


    Difference is that the Left IS embracing the left extremists.  Biggest example is Obama’s political kick off by founders of the Weather Underground.  Backing ANTIFA in Portland, Greenpeace, BLM rioters that they say are peaceful demonstrators.https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-lZ6E-M2yTAU/X0gEWSJYUjI/AAAAAAAB0LM/FHGLpIXdqlo3q0K2eDlGUA6gY3yeJ4-rwCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/cnnfierypeacefulprotests.jpg.  All the while the Right tells groups like the Skinheads and KKK to not attach themselves to the Republican party.


    How many Disney crybabies here actually sub the Disney channel?

    I got Disney plus. Again, eat yer hearts out.

    ”gold doubloons and pieces of eight , handed down to Applegate”


    Once again, Jack jumps in with an inane comment.


    Inane is crying over a corporate decision that is profit driven.

    I got Disney and I like it.

    yer cultists have become junkyard dogs , barking and growling over everything.

    young punks did not get the Applegate reference did yer?


    Once again, Jack jumps in and spouts garbage that has nothing to do with the conversation.

    If you think it’s profit driven to cancel money making cartoons and characters then you are completely clueless. Disney is bowing to the cancel culture. Next Minnie will have to wear pants instead of a skirt, not wear pink or a bow in her hair because it shows womxn in a sexist manner. And the pirates in the Tower Treasure can’t be shown because pirates are too violent.


    Bark, bark said Butler.

    Disney does not care about yer nutcase accusations.

    nor does the Dr Seuss people.

    But go inane and from left field and bring up the 60’s And try to relate them to Antifa?

    yer either drunk or never finished hi school with this nonsense yer posting.


    You know the Right has nothing to say when the go to the culture wars.  Playing with themselves and talking Dr. Seuss and Disney while Democrats pass stimulus that even most Republicans support


    It’s evidence that they pablum puke Fox News and rightwing radio idiots instead of giving things critical thought.


    When jack posts

    I’m reminded of that movie “Child of God” and the main character who wipes his ass with a stick and humps dead women.


    Sadly Ccteam is following his lead.


    No Blu I poop in high cotton and wipe with silk.

    live 38 eee cup son, eat yer heart out.

    poor devil probably an incel

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