Long tunnel, but there’s a light at the end of it

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    Oscar Tshiebwe leads WVU in points (12.0), rebounds (9.3) and blocks (1.1) and he’s still learning how to play the game since he only touched a basketball 5 years ago.

    Yes, he’s inconsistent. But he has 3 years to be better and better. What’s not to like.

    And he plays less minutes than Haley, Matthews and Culver!

    Only Haley has a better field goal percentage than Oscar. They are the only players shooting better than 50% on the team.

    Oscar, Culver and Haley have more rebounds than the rest of the team combined.

    This is a young team that should only get better. Yes, Ohio State, Kansas and Oklahoma State will be a tough 3-game stretch too early for them. But I think by March Madness they could make a serious run in March Madness. Barring injury, of course.


    CFE, you’re right. This team is building momentum. Haley is the only hold over starter from the beginning of last year. Culver, Matthews and McCabe thrown into the fire after the purge gave them some experience but all were true FR. Add 6 brand new guys in FR McBride,Tshiebwe, SO McNeil, JR Sherman and Osabuohien and you have a very young team. Only SR’s are starter Haley and bench players Harler and Rout…..THIS….. makes me excited more for next year when we replace those 3 with 4* Cottrell and highly rated Thweatt and a top JC in Johnson.

    Huggs has this team positioned for a longer run than just 1 year.


    This year looks good and next year great–if Culver and Oscar return (as they should).


    You guys are killing me with this next year stuff. Me(of low income)will not be able to watch WVU sports.
    What with all the broad cast being on the Big 12 Now network/ESPN +. Not everyone can afford that service. Way to go Lyons, carry on the Oliver
    Luck’s not caring for the little guy.


    Dawg8, your misplaced aggression is unnecessary. The conference has string input/control of what happened, as maddening as it is. I live in Mexico and will need to pay not only for The ESPN product but a service to hide my location.

    Blaming Luck and Lyons is quite laughable though as they have kept us relevant in a time that lesser minds would have sat idly by as we became an afterthought playing in the AAC or worse.

    The basketball package is a head scratcher but I believe it’s a sign of things to come. Everything separated out and on a pay basis. Traditional TV contracts aren’t the way of the future and I’m sure this is the guinea pig for a la carte seevice for college sports. Sucks but it’s only getting “worse”.



    Note that not all of the games will be on ESPN+. There will still be the majority of FB games on ESPN/ABC/FS1, and still a number of bball games on more traditional outlets.

    I fully understand and sympathize with the added costs. I know that any sort of increase causes tough decisions for many people.


    hi Kevin….hope you are right about next years football and basketball games still being broadcast
    on ESPN/ABC/FS1. I sure would miss watching the eer’s.


    dawg8. I hear ya and I’m with you 100%. Although I can afford the extra $$$ it’s the principle of having to jump thru hoops to see something that we’ve been given for free for years. It’s not the conference fault. It’s not WVU’s fault. It’s ESPiN that saw an opportunity to squeeze the conference into a corner and Bowlsby caved like a cheap deck of cards. Because of his IMO ineptness, ESPiN gets to shove some of the best BB games down our throats and make us pay to watch. All 4 KU and BU games on ESPN+. Next? What FB games on the + ? Previously every game was either on one of the broadcast ESPN, ABC, FS1 or ATTSports networks. Now the best are streamed only.

    Sorry Kevin. You’ll never convince me that this is good for most of the WVU fanbase. Never.

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