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    Wow what in the name of all that is Holy is causing coaches to jump ship like it’s sinking. This is another shocker to me


    Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming either.


    Well, I’ll be damned.  Like Vulash, I sure as hell didn’t see this coming.


    Not like Riley, he’s running towards the SEC fire!
    Both seemingly feel it’s a better Avenue to a NC!?
    Better shots at LSU and USC!


    Both schools may have made a monetary offer they couldn’t refuse.


    I can’t imagine either of the current schools not being able to match those offers though.  I don’t think either move was about the money – just an opinion though.


    I’ve read that Kelly was unhappy with Notre Dame’s investment (or lack thereof) in facilities.

    Look for Luke Fickell to be Notre Dame’s next coach.


    It’s clearly money. Both reported to be making more than $10 million per.


    You don’t think ND or OU could match that?  Or maybe they didn’t want to? From the sounds of OU’s surprise, they weren’t even given an option to match the money.  I’m still thinking other factors were larger


    I’m thinking Riley didn’t want to be the coach to lead OU into mediocrity in the SEC.


    And Riley had a better shot of doing something in the SEC than Texas.  Poor Sark – they’ll crucify him in the SEC and Jimbo will reign supreme in the state.


    Can’t remember which one but one got 10 year 95 million

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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