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    Teams in bowl games that the 2019 WVU team would beat:
    Kent State
    Alcorn State
    North Carolina A&T
    Central Michigan
    Appalachian State
    (let them schedule WVU in Morgantown and you’ll see that I am right)
    Louisiana Tech
    Eastern Michigan
    Western Kentucky
    Western Michigan
    Kansas State (again!)
    Ohio University
    Southern Mississippi
    Louisiana Lafayette
    Miami of Ohio

    WVU doesn’t belong in a bowl game. Neither do these teams. The bowls have done so low to pick teams that they have games that I wouldn’t watch if they were regular season games.
    Maybe Doege can get WVU into a high enough bowl game that we’re not embarrassed to accept the invititation.


    Hardly anyone plays 11 power 5 teams much less every year like WVU …. vast majority play 9 a year so they can play 3 easier games to ensure a bowl bid


    WV is the only team to do it year after year. Don’t think I want a best of 5 with K St though


    Having watched most of these team as an occupational hazard and out of my general interest, I would disagree that all of these teams don’t belong in bowls. More details on why if requested, but Appalachian State, K-State and Cincinnati belong without debate, and several others have few dings.

    I also don’t understand why any team would be “embarrassed” to accept a bowl bid. They aren’t all the Orange Bowl, but for the players it’s a nice reward. For fans who choose to go, there are usually at least some attractions to the bowl site. Those that don’t choose to go, that’s o.k. too. But dumping on a lesser bowl just because … why?

    No one at WVU was embarrassed to take the Cactus Bowl bid. It was a great time there, and while the game was defense-free it was a fun one. And WVU won. I just don’t see any logic or understand that view at all.


    I guess my point was that the bowls have been cheapened by so many bowls that they have trouble getting teams with winning records into them.

    I agree that it’s a fun time for the teams that go, and their fans. But they ARE games that would be meaningless during the regular season, in many cases.

    As usual, I disagree with you agreeably. I don’t want to be smacked down by someone more knowledgeable than me about WVU sports these days. It’s been a while since I was as close to WVU coverage as you are, Kevin. Keep up the great work with this WVU web site.

    Also, I guess maybe I shouldn’t tarnish a damn good lower-level team that also goes by Mountaineers. I admire Appy State when I watch them. And I would LOVE for WVU to schedule the other Mountaineers in Morgantown. But not Mount St. Marys, of course.


    The extra 15 allotted practices. Enough said.


    Disagreements always welcome, as are the many different perspectives provided. We all look at things through our own lenses, and I get a lot of insight from you all from your thoughts and posts.

    Keep them coming!


    Like WVFaninMI said.  It’s not about the fans.  It’s 15 practices getting the underclassmen ready for next year.  The bag of goodies for the players is a good perk also.


    Having lost 7 of our last 9 bowl games with pathetic performances in
    the last 3, one of the favorite reasons for bowl attendance, the extra
    practice time that helps next year’s team, is questionable!
    The lackluster performances also have far reaching consequences
    In regards to WVU reputation around the country! Granted it’s a fun
    trip for some fans and the media, but at a cost! I don’t buy the
    argument that it’s a reward that the team enjoys under these
    circumstances. If so, therein lies the reason for the performance!
    If it’s just a case of going thru the motions of a pleasure trip and
    not a business first mind set, you see the consequences!
    Go all out or stay home and not embare ass everyone!!


    HCDH was a terrible bowl coach. The last three years were an absolute embarrassment to the program. Last year was completely unacceptable and in hindsight it was obvious that Holgerson encouraged players to not participate.


    HCDH was a horrible coach period. I like all the bowl games. We will be in a good bowl next year.


    Tony, the lackluster recent bowl performances were a combination of the coaching and of the opponent. Just one example – the bowl game versus Utah. Our preparation coaching for that game was sub-par and then adding to the problem is the fact that Utah is just one of those teams against whom WVU is just not a good match up.

    I stand by my original comment – the 15 extra practices are the reason. If nothing else, they serve as further developmental time for all the players on the roster.

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