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    a200 mile path of destruction super storm.

    guess what? More are coming because of climate change and the storms will only intensify and be more frequent.

    ignorant denial could get ya killed in a storm


    Tornado in December? Yeah nothing to worry about.

    till it gets you that is


    What sucks is hospitals are too full with COVIDIOTS to treat victims.


    Jack not trying to argue but tornadoes do happen in December. It’s not a lot but during every year we know the Southeast has tons of tornadoes more than any region in the country.
    The climate is changing but if you research those same scientists that said we are going to die yada, yada, yada are the same ones that told me when studying earth the world has gone through multiple temperature swings up and down.


    Don’t confuse Jack with facts.


    Fact is that a tornado that far north in Dec is unprecedented , not to mention Tahoe path of destruction.

    misinfo only fuels idiots like Buttleer


    Get over it Jack.  Natural disasters happen all over the country when and where you least expect them.

    Any tornado in PA is unusual.  35 years ago, before the latest climate change rage, 21 tornados hit PA in the same day killing 89.

    Was that climate change also?


    Or the 1925 EF-5 tornado that ran from Missouri all the way into Indiana on the ground with a destruction path a mile wide in some places and killing well over 600 people?

    What about the multiple Ice Ages followed by multiple global warming events going back well before the human species evolved on earth and continuing ever since?


    Is there Global Warming and climate change.  Absolutely.  How much is natural?  Nobody really knows.  Can we stop it by changing our living habits?  Yet to be determined.

    Will forcing people to spend more on things they can’t afford make any difference in the change of climate?  Is wrecking our economy by forcing us to spend more on basic essentials like heating and food going to make a difference in today’s climate?

    Nothing that we do will make a difference unless we get China and the “emerging” countries on board totally and not rely on other countries paying for their changes.  And not having any responsibility if they don’t comply.



    Denial of warming and more severe weather events is about par for you ignorant science deniers and Trump lovers.

    its getting more severe and will continue to do so .

    the 1925 tornado was on what date?

    Yer not what I would call an honest person there Fannin


    Denying facts that are in front of your face Butler.  Yes, disasters are unpredictable.  But the fact is they are occurring with greater frequency.  Just a fact.  Carbon is playing a role.  Serious scientists don’t doubt that Butler.  Wake up.  Those with ears hear.  The blind can see.  There is still hope for you.


    Late March 1925, Jack.

    In thousands of years of Earth’s climate cycles between Ice Ages and Warming, how do you know the frequency of the catastrophic weather events were not the same as we see now?  And in those past events, I think we can safely rule out any sort of human caused actions.

    You folks just cannot get it through your heads that old mother earth is highly resilient and that she’s been here before and came out the other side just fine.  If we did not have the recorded cyclical events of eons past as a reference, it might be plausible to attribute this sort of change event to human influence, but scientific past history studies calls all of this discussion into question.

    The bottom line is simple – over its entire existence, the earth has warmed and cooled multiple times and because of this cycle, it clearly reasonable to say this is a “normal” chain of events in the earth’s climate.

    As you can see, in no way do I deny warming.  What I deny is that in this cycle of earth’s eons long history, that the humans have somehow now caused this warming cycle to be a world ending event.


    Nice try at comparing December weather to March.

    you mouth off about cooling and warming cycles but you ignorantly only repeat what you hear without asking what caused these cycles.

    plus yer clueless about past advanced civilizations and their downfalls.

    being as dumb as yer god idol Trump is not something to be proud of.


    Please, please Jack.  Shut Up and go away.  Quit showing your ignorance.  Your incessant beating the Trump drum shows how shallow your little pea brain is.  Go troll another thread.


    Yer childish crying means yer a true totally duped, bought and paid for Trumper.

    poor devil


    If you would ever put together a meaningful post and have a conversation people wouldn’t think you were a fool.


    They might think I’m a fool but they know for sure that yer a bigger fool


    Oh Jack.  It’s like talking to a doorknob.  I’m completely done with you.  There is no conversation, just your childish drivel.


    Mother Earth is resilient and will survive.  Humans?  Maybe maybe not


    Problem with carbon emissions is that the US and Paris Climate Accord won’t be able to change it unless China and other “developing” nations change drastically.  You don’t have to shut down coal powered electric plants.  The scrubbers take the emissions down to a level under the standard.  You don’t have to shut down the fracking industry.  We need the oil and gas to be energy independent.  We shut down the steel industry but still use more steel than ever……. from overseas where there are no emission standards.

    U.S. and most of Europe are not the problem.

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