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    Got hands on the 2019 WVU Football Media Guide at Media Days at AT&T Stadium in Texas.  Some changes from the spring, to be sure.

    Depth Chart


    Kevin is definitely right about some significant changes on the recently released depth chart from the one in the spring. Some of this we anticipated with the departures of Kenny Robinson and Derrek Pitts at two of the safety spots, but other shakeups are new.

    Here are some of the biggest of notes:

    (Only a few newcomers are listed in the media guide depth chart, so there will likely be additional changes when practice starts and guys like George Campbell and Reuben Jones start competing for jobs)

    QB – Kendall, Allison and Lowe are all listed with an “OR,” meaning there is not a starter yet and all three are still in contention

    OL – The starters are exactly what was expected. The biggest surprise here is thatt Zach Davis, a walk-on from St. Mary’s, W.Va., is listed as the No. 2 left guard ahead of scholarship players like Blaine Scott and James Gmiter

    WR – Nothing really major, other than maybe the fact that Ricky Johns is listed No. 2 ahead of No. 3 Bryce Wheaton.

    RB/TE/DL – Nothing new with any of these.

    LB – Bandit and Spear are as expected. Fairmont walk-on Jake Abbott listed No. 2 at the Mike (Dylan Tonkery still the starter there) ahead of Shea Campbell, who started six games last year, which is a bit of a surprise. Exree Loe, who worked at Bandit in the spring, moves back to the Will, which is more of a natural fit for him. He’s still third string at the Will behind Josh Chandler and Deamonte Lindsay.

    Corner – The older guys in Keith Washington, Hakeem Bailey and Dreshun Miller are at the top of the depth chart, but this is also the only position where any of the newcomers are listed, as incoming freshmen Nicktroy Fortune and Tae Mayo are listed as backups.

    Safety – Biggest shakeup is at the cat and free safeties, which was expected because of the departures of Robinson and Pitts. Josh Norwood, who we knew was moving from cornerback, where he was a starter last year, to cat safety, but a bit surprised he is listed as No. 2 behind Sean Mahone. I thought Norwood would be No. 1 there, which obviously could still happen. Former walk-on Dante Bonamico, who went on scholarship over a year ago, spent the spring working at the Spear, but he’s moved back to the free safety position where he’s listed as the starter in front of No. 2 Jake Long and No. 3 Kerry Martin.

    Special teams – No surprises among the kickers and snappers. Interest that Sam James and Keith Washington are listed as the top two kickoff returners and Alec Sinkfield is the top punt returner. Didn’t see enough of the returners in the spring to figure out who was going to top the depth chart at those spots, so this media guide depth chart is our best indication as to what the coaches are thinking there.


    Wow. 11 West Virginia natives on the three deep on defense.


    Like what I see so far. Hope it can bring some wins. Praying for 6-6 season at the least. Lot of fans are saying 8-4 but I don’t see it.

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