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    Kevin or anyone actually…I am interested in knowing what kind of basketball team Morehead has. Are they a fast break team? Defensive minded? Best player? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks. I know you are probably looking at film right now! Let’s Go Mountaineers!


    Click on this story link to read the article I’ve done that answers some of the basic questions about Morehead State. The Eagles are not fast paced, and appear to be more defensive minded. We will dive deeper into their style over the course of the week. I was part of an interview with MSU coach Preston Spradlin this morning, and we’ll use that interview for future stories as well.


    In their 3 L’s to P5 teams the closest game was 15 points.


    Morehead State lost to Kentucky, which is having a terrible year, 81-45 (by THIRTY SIX points).

    Lost to Ohio State, 77-44 (by THIRTY THREE points).

    Lost to Clemson, 66-51 (by FOURTEEN points).

    Lost to BELMONT, 76-58 (Belmont! By EIGHTEEN points). Later beat Belmont, 86-71 in their conferencde tournament).

    Morehead didn’t even PLAY a Top 25 team. WVU had 14 games against Top 25 teams and got out-scored by 10 points (less than 1 point per game).


    I just hope the team doesn’t read this…we did a few years ago and didn’t make it through the first game. Comparing scores can also give a wrong impression. We couldn’t miss against the spiders. We also have had games we couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. Don’t drink the kool-aid team. Play hard and think they are Gonzaga or Okie State…


    True that..


    I was just looking at Iowa States schedule. They only have 2 wins all year year. Last place team in the Big-12.

    But they were in nearly every league game. They could easily have 9 more wins if the chips had fallen right.

    TCU was in most league games right down to the final minutes. Same withe KSU.

    These are the worst teams in the league. Everyone else in the league is ranked.

    it’s a tournament game almost every time you suit up in this league. Sometimes I think that may help in the actual tournament.


    You are right jean. Can’t overlook anyone. I haven’t seen them play yet, but am cueing them up on Synergy so I will be able to write more knowledgeably about them in the game preview.



    Thanks for that article on Morehead St.  I also watched a lot of that TV show below it.  I remember the old MSN weekly TV show on the Mountaineers.  I wish we still had a show like that.  The “shows” we have now seem kind of stilted, not capturing the real essence of our guys outside of Huggs, who is wonderful.  I think that’s one of the reasons for the popularity of 3 Guys Podcast.  it still does that on the “radio” side.

    I think we should really beat the guys in the first game, and use it to work on the skills we’ll need to win in the Sweet 16 and beyond.  I also hope they make a big deal out of Huggs’ 900th win!


    I take great solace in the fact that this will be most of roster’s first NCAA experience, so I expect them to be jacked up for the Fri tip, no matter the opponent.


    I look forward to your Synergy-fueled report. More accurate info the better for me with my analytical mind. Thanks in advance, Kevin.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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