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    Have just confirmed that the new football redshirt rule, which will allow players to participate in up to four games in a season and still preserve their redshirt, will not be retroactive.

    Thus, players such as Martell Pettaway will not be able to regain a previous season in which they participated in fewer than four games. It is only in place for the 2018 season going forward.


    That sucks!


    Convoluted logic”
    You can’t make this stuff up!
    It seems those that complied with the
    intent of the rule would be more
    Deserving of the intended benefit
    Of the change.


    Why would you think it would be retroactive?


    There were a couple of statements made at the time the rule was passed that retroactivity (is that a word?) was something that was being looked at and considered. Some of the info I got at the time seemed to point to an approach of it being case-by-case, but I guess the NCAA decided not to open that door.

    Pettaway was a cut and dried case. But there were also others to consider. Take Isaiah Hardy. He had to play in three games on the OL early due to injuries, but after that his only appearances were on the placekick team, with a few OL snaps at the end of the year. Had this rule been in place last year, WVU would not have played him after those early appearances, and he would have retained his redshirt.

    Granted, there’s a lot of hindsight there, and maybe those issues are why the NCAA didn’t open it up at all.


    I think that the NCAA got it right on this issue. Gotta start somewhere and there’s no better time than now. Would like it to have been retroactive.


    If you make the case for retroactive RS’s, then how far back do you go? To last season? A kids true FR year? Go back to his JC days if needed? Got to start somewhere and make a clean break. Starting now is the best way of making sure coaches …… some slimeball sleazy coaches ….. don’t take advantage of the situation.


    One simple solution would be to include anyone

    still active on the roster that had a redshirt taken

    away that had not played in over four games.?



    Agreed with Tony’s solution. It draws a line, and it’s fairly easy to classify everyone. Now, that wouldn’t have helped Hardy, and I understand there would be some that would fall into that category, but I think it would have been relatively simple to include the ones in the group you mention.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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