NCAA Teams That Made The Tourament With Losing Record

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    None from the current Power Conference. All lost 1st round.

    1995 Florida International 11-18

    1996 UCF 11-18

    1997 Fairfield 11-18

    1985 Lehigh 12-18

    1999 Florida A&M 12 -18

    2005 Oakland 13-18

    2014 Cal Poly 14-19

    2016 Holy Cross 15-19

    2018 Texas Southern 15-19

    1993 East Carolina 13-16

    1996 San Jose State 13-16

    1998 Prairie View 13-16

    1986 Montana State 14-16

    2012 Western Kentucky 16-18

    1997 Jackson State 14-15

    2003 UNC-Asheville 15-16

    2004 Florida A&M 15-16

    2002 Siena 17-18

    1985 Penn 13-13

    1987 Penn 13 -13

    1987 Idaho State 15-15

    1987 Fairfield 15-15

    2000 Lamar 15 -15

    2015 Hampton 17-17

    2013 Liberty, 15-20

    2008 Georgia 17-17


    Not sure but I think they missed some of the teams.


    If WVU comes out of the strong B12 and makes it to the NCAA, the Mountaineers–with a losing record–will be much talked about and in the spotlight. The question is where do they seed WVU? Most B12 champs are high seeds. Certainly, all losing record teams are low seeds. With 16 seeds, they could split the difference and put us 7 or 8 or, and I doubt this, even 9.


    1983 NC State was 17-10 before sweeping through the ACC tournament and winning the national championship over Houston.

    1985 Villanova was 18-9 before losing in the 2nd round of the Big East tournament. They then went on to beat Georgetown for the NCAA championship.

    1986 LSU was 17-10 before losing in the 2nd round of the SEC tournament. They made it to the Final Four.

    2005 George Mason was 22-6 they year they made the Final Four.

    2010 VCU was 21-10 before going on their improbable run to the Final Four.


    Back in the mid 60s we had a losing record going into the SC Tourn.  We won it and got to the NCAAs with a .500 record.  Got blasted in the 1st game.


    Nice research, and good question on seeding.

    Getting way ahead of ourselves, of course, but I would think WVU would be a 10 or 11. It might even have to be in one of the play-in games.

    I don’t think that winning the conf champ would offset all the losses. Could WVU be seeded over any of the other Big 12 teams that get at-large bids? My first reaction says no, but I haven’t thought about it much at this point.


    In 1964-65, WVU was 11-14 in the regular season, and had lost six of seven heading into the Southern Conference Tournament. It won its three games in the SoCon Tourney, which was in Charlotte, including beating Davidson in the semis in overtime and then William & Mary in the finals in double overtime. I heard Buddy Quertinmont, who was a senior on that team, tell the story that Mickey Furfari wrote in the Morgantown paper prior to the Southern Conference tournament that if WVU won it, he would dance a jig on the courthouse square. A man of his word, Furfari did dance a jig at the courthouse when everyone got back from Charlotte. The Mountaineers did get hammered by Providence, 91-67, in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, but that Mountaineer squad, which finished with a 14-15 record, did get to the NCAAs after a losing regular season.


    Great stuff. Good to know our thoughts are shared and that some of you guys have already put these same thoughts out  there (especially Allen).

    Greg: Didn’t know any of that. Great trivia!

    Kevin: Were the impossible to happen, my guess was that they’d be a 15-16 seed at best, with a woefully losing record–didn’t even entertain anything higher.

    First things first…

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