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    There were a lot of good things going on with this team.  We found a run game.  Our DL stepped up, the young DB’s did well, the OL young guys came thru when 2 starters went down……

    But the #1 thing that surprised me the most was the WR’s.  Not that they could catch the ball.  That’s what they are supposed to do. It’s that they actually blocked down field.  Not always but you could see they were at least trying.  Last two games this didn’t happen at all.  They didn’t even try to block.  In this game they made an attempt to get in front of someone.


    The end around schemes literally devastated NC States game plan defensively right out of the gate.  Didn’t see that coming and loved every moment.  That first drive where WVU scored I thought to myself “We can run the ball, we needed to change the philosophy behind how we do it.”


    Final score


    The strong play of the offensive line.


    Perhaps the fact that we weren’t particularly great in any aspect yet beat a decent power 5 team by 17.



    I echo PO.  It’s not that we were gashing them with the run game but we actually moved the DL off the line of scrimmage more often than not, at least a little.  I want to see some of those same players on the field more.  If they can become even more physical and cohesive then we have a chance to become a reasonably consistent and effective offense.  Not OK good, but an offense that helps our defense, not hurts them.


    Someone asked pregame about different ways to run the ball, and we discussed the quick screens as a way to do that. Agree that the ends around and against the grain action were huge – that’ll be a focus in The Film Room this week.

    I’d vote for that area – WVU’s ability to move the ball in that manner.


    Mex, coffee thru the nose on your “final score”.   The fact that we actually won surprised most of us.


    Leddie Brown and the offensive line pounding in the last TD.  Power running!


    I was impressed the punt was blocked while NOT hitting the punter. Just put both hands out there and blocked the football from going any farther.


    ccteam  ….  combination good OL blocking and power run game.  Had neither in the first 2 games.  I think Leddie is going to be something special by the time he graduates.  It will be hard for Moore to keep any of the 3 replacement OL out of the starting lineup.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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