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    I just saw a mock draft that shows Cajuste going to the Eagles and Grier going to the Redskins both projected in the 1st Round. So, unless we win out and somehow make the 4 team playoff (which I would have to assume everyone will stick around and play) is there a nightmarish scenario that we don’t have two of our best players for technically a meaningless bowl game? I hate to see a repeat of last years fisaco in Dallas where I watched an awful game in the Cotton Bowl…..

    Would either one of them stick around for the bowl game…..Thoughts?


    I think Will would play. I just don’t see him bailing out after he made the choice to come back this year.

    Cajuste, on the other hand, I would not be 100% confident about. That is just my personal opinion.


    So basically any bowl game (except for a playoff spot) is worthless for an NFL prospect? Kinda sad, but I get it. Maybe that’s part of reason UCF pounded Auburn last year.


    Sadly that’s what this game has come down to. If you don’t make the CFP games or possibly a NYD 6 game the rest are throw away games for many high 1st round draft picks. They either want to work on their game with an outside trainer for those couple extra weeks or they just don’t want to take the chance of getting hurt. Sad, but this is what it has come down to. BTW …… what ever happened to going to class your last semester and graduating?


    Playing with your team one last time doesn’t matter? I just don’t get it…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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