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    In our first look at the wide-ranging landscape of Name Image and Likeness, which will allow NCAA student-athletes to profit from their personal brand
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    It is an unfair competitive advantage having some states with the laws and others without. A top recruit would be tempted to go to a school in a state that has a law permitting NIL. This is an unfair advantage.


    No question, and that’s why the NCAA is pushing Congress to put something in place. Of course, the NCAA should have done something itself a year or two ago, and now anything that it passes at the end of this month is likely to be very watered down.


    What a freakin’ mess.

    • Who is going to authorize and police these “agents”?
    • Who is going to keep these companies from just throwing money at players for “endorsements” or “meet and greets”  Big money boosters will be coming out of the woodwork.
    • Who is going to monitor the “fair market value” of any endorsements
    • Who is going to put a monitory figure on any of the “social media” items?

    This is completely Wild Wild West.  No sheriff in town.  Those with the deepest wallets and biggest media markets will rule the roost.

    Be careful what you ask for.  Portal will see many of the top players moving from team to team with the “promise” of cash.  IMO we will see some controversy on teams with some players getting the bulk of the “cash” and some getting nothing.


    college sports are done….never be the same


    These and other items will definitely make them different in many respects. But, remember that we don’t have the offset of games right now, which are still, at least hopefully, the main focus.


    maybe the adults should act like adults. and stop letting the children demand and get their way.  you old posters, remember when freshmen where not aloud to play ??? remember when(in basketball) dunking not aloud, and of course no silly 3point shot. athletes were excited about getting an education, no longer…so sad. on another note why dosen’t  someone look up what the actual cost is for one student athlete…tuition…room board…medical…EVERTHING…i would like to see that number.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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