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    No Answers For WVU Home – Road Disparity Bob Huggins is tired of it. So, social media says, are you. And, rest assured, Huggins players are tired of i
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    Hasn’t there been talk in posts here about not having someone like Da’Sean Bulter or Jevon Carter to take

    over in a game to step up as it were. Weren’t the players at WVU now picked for their skills and abilitys.

    Why not let them play to THEIR strengths, NOT what at least 4 different coaches are yelling at them to do.

    Then I believe the players will learn to play with each other and their indivedual strengths. And gell as a

    team. Might not be the combo everyone thought would OR should be on the floor, but hey, let the ballers

    play ball. Just a thought!!!!!!!!!!


    Agree that players have to play free and unfettered, that thinking too much and not reacting and playing naturally can be a big problem.

    That said, I don’t think the coaches are trying to make them do things they aren’t strong at.

    Huggs often tells players “Do what you can do, not what you can’t.”

    Are there things you think certain players are being told to do that don’t mesh with their abilities?


    “Almost 250 voted and there was no overwhelming winner. The fans seem as uncertain as the players and the coaches. Confidence drew 40% of the vote, inexperience 28.6%, coaching 18,9% and chemistry 12.2%.”

    The problem here is that the categories are NOT mutually exclusive!
    They are more or less entwined than separate entities.
    It would make more sense if the category per centages were looked
    upon as a part of the whole of the problem!
    What causes a lack of confidence? It seems to be more of a
    result than an originating factor!
    Is it a result of losing due to a combination of the other three?
    And becomes the monster feeding upon itself and not satisfied
    until one or more of the factors contributing to it are corrected!
    Only one appears to be self correcting. Inexperience!
    And the other two, again, are not mutually exclusive!

    “”Unscientific? Yes. But the impression the results gave was that the problem is seen as running through the very fiber of the team and that if there is a blame it falls upon all of them.”


    Assuming the intent of the column is to address the heading of no
    answers. for home/road disparity !?

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