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    How does the “Acceptance Rule” to a school work for athletes?
    Is it different than for the average applicant?
    Stupid question!?
    In today’s world, for the normal student to be accepted into,say,
    any of the top 10 schools in the football ratings, they would have
    to be close to 4.0 students with other outstanding credentials!!
    Does this have to be taken into consideration in recruiting athletes
    by the schools?
    Stupid question!?
    The answer is definitely NO!
    So why the charade by the NCAA that these players are “student-
    Now add the NIL issue to the equation!
    The NCAA and their rules are not only a joke, but……….
    You finish it!


    The thing about the NCAA is, their heads are in the sand (not to mention being outfitted, run and controlled by “blue-blood” athletic programs), actually BELIEVING that the schools best competing athletic teams are ones like Princeton, who back in the leather helmet days, actually had kids who were at school for an EDUCATION and played sports for the fun of it.

    The whole concept of not only a “student-athlete” (insofar as the money sports–and even infecting the rest of the “Olympic sports” as well, with the recent revelation of trash like the “Hollywood elite” bribing schools on behalf of their spawn in the form of “athletic scholarships, is as big of a farce as the NCAA itself. And that’s not even bringing up the utter BS, gender driven discrimination that is known as Title IX.

    I’m speaking mainly of “Division I,” or whatever label is in vogue these days, but it’s WAY past time the NCAA just went away and got out of everybody’s way. Because just like the ostrich with it’s head in the sand, they’re not fooling ANYBODY–except maybe a few fools.

    But sports in today’s America suffer the same inept “leadership” in not only the political arena, but so-called “journalism,” our “educational system,” and a push by our selfish, spoiled brats, ignorant, uneducated youth who are embracing Socialism by the thousands by the minute–and backing up their hatred for this nation with the iron fists of fascism. Demanding it, in truth.

    Back all this up with greed beyond belief–or comparison, and this country is on the path of total collapse in a matter of not decades, but YEARS.


    Not disputing many of these points, but remember that the NCAA isn’t some separate entity. It is empowered by the member schools, and if things aren’t done to the majority of the schools’ liking, they will remove the leadership.

    So, if the NCAA goes away, basically there are no rules. If that’s what is being advocated in these posts, then that’s ok, but understand what you are rooting for.


    Kevin, of course you’re right. And really, my whole point–although I did a pretty poor job of pointing it out.

    As stated though, the whole thing is a farce. A total snow-job. There aren’t any rules now–nor ever were–except for those unfortunate enough not to be in the “club.” The “rules” are only enforced on a few, just to make it appear there actually ARE rules.

    Now, this isn’t to say there aren’t some well-intentioned souls out there advocating the REAL student athlete. But an overwhelming majority (and growing exponentially) could care less.

    So, if those in the “club” can get away with lying, cheating and outright bribery, sans ANY consequences, then level the playing field for everybody else and just do away with the charade.


    Point being that the NCAA doesn’t apply rules across the board. They accept whatever the members individually want. Moerso they don’t apply penalties evenly across the board. Take for example the Dooke (or was it UNC) fake classes for players. Oh, they opened the class up to the general student population ….. REALLY? …. All students? Those classes were full of schollie players and had a few seats for general population to make it LOOK like it was a legit class.

    Then take a look at the academic requirements for students vs. general population. Do you think that all of, half of, or even 1/4 of the schollie players at UVA would be accepted if they had to meet the standards for the general population? Hypocrisy at it’s best.

    Lastly, the NCAA takes no action against the jackwads out west that allow payment for NIL. This is flies in the face of student athlete. Do they not know that these kids are getting paid thousands of dollars every year to play a sport? Does tuition, room, board, medical, books, tutors, clothing, stipend, coaching, training and all the other perks they get to keep them eligible when they don’t meet the general population standard to stay in school not count as payment? This will destroy the NCAA and competition between schools. The best players in the country will go to the schools that will “PAY” them the most for their services. THIS IS NOT what student athlete is all about. THIS IS NOT amateur athletics. If you want to pay these kids, put together a route that allows them to get paid out of HS if they want. See Minor League Baseball for example. G-League is a start, but not enough. There is nothing in FB that gives kids this avenue and the NFL is the biggest benefactor of D1 sports.

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