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    Not much mystery about the teams in the College Football Playoff. Don’t need to wait for the Sunday selection TV show.

    LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma.

    No one else gets considered after the weekend of Power 5 conference title games.

    This may be the best competitive field ever. Three unbeaten teams for the first time and 1-loss Oklahoma.

    How rare is that? There had never been more than one undefeated team in the 4-team field before 2019.

    All that’s left is to determine the pecking order of 1, 2, 3 and 4. Less relevant and impressive than three all-W teams in the CFP pack.


    Correction: 3 unbeaten teams for 2nd year in a row. Sorry.


    Only question will be if the Guru’s think UGA with 2L has a better overall schedule than OU. UGA did beat then #6, #7, #12 but L to unranked SC.

    It should be a no brainer. But the NCAA is known for no brains.


    LSU vs Oklahoma
    Ohio State vs Clemson


    16 team field to legitimize this year’s “entrants.” How exciting would THAT be?

    Oh, wait–we have too many entities making waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money for THAT to ever happen. My bad.


    Next step should be easy.
    8 teams.
    5 P5 Conference Winners
    1 G5 Highest ranked at end of Conference Playoffs
    2 Next highest ranked teams (only 1 per conference)


    How about this division, after DECADES, catching up with with EVERY division below it regarding a LEGITIMATE playoff? How about THIS division catching up with the “next step”–the NFL that rakes in BILLIONS–that could be going to SCHOOLS instead of billionaires? How about THIS division catching up with EVERY level in EVERY state in the nation at the level of high schools?????????????

    How about THAT???????????????

    Oh, and how about removing the political BULLSHIT that “determines” a “playoff” (tongue in cheek) in THIS division that leads to a mythical national championship, as it has from its INCEPTION, once and for all???????????????

    The whole thing is a joke. A farce. A circus. Always has been. Snake oil salesmen given credibility by the profiteers that the public STILL continue to swallow each and every year. And the money continues to flow in at a rate that’s absolutely exponential…


    March Madness does it best. If you’re not among the top 68 teams then you can’t legitimately complain about not having a shot at the national title.

    As the conference title games have shown, even among top 10 or 15 teams the lower-ranked team can win.

    Lower levels have far more than 4 teams in the playoffs.

    I do think this year’s games should be interesting, AFTER the semifinals, because LSU and Ohio State will be easy winners. LSU more than the Buckeyes, which seem to like to tantalize their opponents into thinking they might have a chance early, then putting them away late.


    No argument here about a field expansion, which should lead to more money overall.

    You have to wonder about the bowls and their influence in not expanding the field. Are they generating enough money for the NCAA (which doesn’t have to absorb many costs in putting those games on) to jsutify keeping the playoff field down? Just another angle that occured to me.

    Think Butler’s plan is good, and NoPitty wins the Oration of the Week Award!


    Increased field could and should include the bowls. Just as the CFP includes a specific number of bowls on a rotating basis, the bowl inclusions should be expanded.


    The only suspense was the team who really did not want to play Clemson first. Oklahoma is going to get annihilated by LSU, it will be an epic blow out.

    Everyone loving LSU & Ohio State, but until someone actually beats Clemson, they’re my favorite to win it all.


    The field should be expanded to 8 teams and four more bowls should be included in the rotation. Personally, I prefer Butler’s plan for selection. To my mind, if you win your Power 5 conference, then you’ve EARNED a berth in the playoff.

    However, if the NCAA is so invested in their selection committee, then using the committee’s rankings for this year, you’d have a 8 team playoff whose opening round games would look like this.

    1 LSU vs 8 Wisconsin
    2 Ohio State vs 7 Baylor
    3 Clemson vs 6 Oregon
    4 Oklahoma vs 5 Georgia

    And this year, within the top 8 you have all Power 5 champs in the line up. And 3 of the 5 runners up.


    What’s really funny and a slam at the four team playoff picked by a committee is that the main reason to get the #1 spot was so you didn’t have to play #3, Clemson!? It’s hilarious!

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