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    Per game:

    K. McKoy – 12

    M. Petteway – 10

    A. Sinkfeld – 9

    L. Brown – 8

    Obviously subject to injury and matchup but that seems a logical mix over the course of the season.



    Couple of different ways to look at this, although I think your ratios are good.

    Might also want to look at total touches, because McKoy and Sinkfield in particular should get some passes thrown at them. We expecte WVU to be more run heavy this year (might it climb as high as 60-40?), but that doesn’t include swing passes, screens and outright downfield stuff to the backs?


    Number of touches probably allows Sinkfield to surpass Pettaway on the list.  And if Leddie keeps showing promise, he might rob Pettaway of some carries.


    Mex, the problem is your number are too good. You don’t make the over/under easy at all, but again I’ll try:

    McKoy: over, and then add in a couple receptions a game, so he’ll average about 15 touches

    Pettaway: under, but add in a couple kickoff returns for him, so his total touches will be 10, but only about eight carries a game

    Sinkfield: under in terms of carries, but he’ll get plenty of touches in other areas, like receptions (say two a game) and returns (another two or three) giving him 12 touches a game

    L. Brown: I think your number of eight is spot on, but if I had to pick on, I’d say slightly over – nine or 10 a game. I don’t think they’ll throw to him as much as the other, may 5 or 6 times all season

    All guesses on my part, but that’s my thought. Great questions, and tough lines.


    No doubt if considering touches all would be OVER but I was specifically looking out carries.

    Eye opening that we most likely won’t have a single back average 15 a game.


    Historical context, in the past three seasons, WVU has had a running back average more than 13 carries just once – 2017 when Justin Crawford averaged nearly 16. But that was basically a two-back rotation that year with Crawford and Kennedy McKoy (10.4 carries per game), as Martell Pettway was the third back and he averaged basically 3.0 carries per game). If it’s truly a four-back rotation this year, I seriously doubt any one of them averages 15, maybe not even 12, as you figure there are normally about 35-40 carries per game and four quality backs who each deserve opportunities. It will be interesting to track this to see.


    I don’t see all 4 getting somewhat equal touches.  Most likely we’ll see 1 or 2 break away from the others.  IMO Leddie will be in the mix but not on the top just because of his size in short yardage downs.


    Butler, are you saying that Leddie is smaller and won’t be used as much in short yardage, or is bigger and will be used there, so he won’t be used as much in other areas?  Wasn’t sure on your last sentence.

    FWIW, Leddie is listed as the heaviest back, and the second tallest. IMO he runs the hardest — not that the others are bad or not doing so — but when he takes people on and hits them it’s violent. If all stay healthy, I think he will lead the team in broken tackles.

    Agree that one or two could break out, with availability and game planning also factoring in.

    Let’s hope they all average 12 carries per game. That would hopefully mean WVU is controlling the ball with the running game. As Greg notes, though, that’s a lofty goal.


    No.  didn’t word that right.  IMO Leddie will be in the mix.  He’ll be use for short yardage downs mostly because of his size. And because of his size I don’t see him getting the number of carries as a couple of the other backs that are faster and have better hands.  I think we’ll see McCoy and Petteway when healthy get more than the rest of the pack.


    Thanks for the clarification. Each one of the backs is a little different, so that may make them better choices in different game plans against different opponents.



    I think there will be 3 main RB’s. Petteway , McCoy and Leddie. Which one gets the bulk of the carries I don’t know. Perhaps whoever is hot at the time. Don’t forget about out Sinkfield. I believe at times you will see multiple backs in the game with the pass catching ability of all 4.


    I think they would like for one back to get hot and then spell him as needed or for certain play calling decisions. I don’t think they are looking for a back with 150+ carries but could get over 150 touches. We seem to only get production by committee. It seems like it has been a while since we’ve had a guy take that position and, pardon the pun, run with it.


    The interesting thing is diverse the group is. None are really similar with each bringing something different to the table that is better than the other 3. That said McKoy blends all aspects better than the rest and is clearly the best overall back.

    The only similarity among the 4 is the power and delivering of the blow from both Brown and Petteway.

    Apart from that they are all quite different in style, skill set and too a large degree, size.


    I may disagree that McCoy is clearly the best.  Maybe he would be the best in an Air Raid system.  But we have no idea what type of a system Brown will land on.  It will all hinge on how these skill position guys come along.  We may have a 75% power run game this year which would feature Leddie.  Who knows at this point.

    Hell ….  we don’t even have a clear cut QB and we’re only a few weeks out.


    Butler, I believe you would be among a tiny minority that would argue that McKoy is not the most well rounded and thus the best of the stable.


    You may want to include the whole coaching staff in that tiny minority.  Otherwise the or-or-or wouldn’t be in the depth chart.  Nobody has yet pulled away in the Neal Brown era.  Same with the QB.  The best RB last year may not fit into NB’s style of play.  Just sayin…..


    Butler, I’ve seen nothing to suggest anything different than my original premise.

    Frankly with the diverse skill sets, builds and running styles they would be insane to settle on one guy as the guy (unless it proves out that way in game action).

    Still stand by McKoy as the clear cut #1 option.

    -Best vision

    -Excellent receiver

    -Runs hard and behind pads

    -Moderate HR threat

    If he has a weakness I suppose it would be blocking but that could be said of all to this point. He probably “gets it” better than the others but is he “that guy”?


    You may be correct.  I’ll not bow to those assumptions yet.  It’s a whole new game plan with NB and company.  Players react and perform differently to different game scenarios.  Even the coaches still think the #1 guy is still up for grabs.


    Butler, I’ll lay 1,000 against 250 that barring injury Kennedy McKoy is the starting running back against JMU and has the most carries.


    I’ll vote for McCoy as the best overall back, based on performance to date.  But the difference is not huge and the others are not without talent.  perhaps one of them will bypass McCoy this year.

    But I personally do not think the depth chart means all that much at this point.  Can’t wait to see who actually sees the field for the 1st 3 games.  Really looking forward to this year, regardless of what the record turns out to be.  But I am always foolishly optimistic.

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