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    The only concern I have that putting Brown in signals run very strongly. The others are all excellent (4, 20) or solid (32) receivers.

    That said it could be a great decoy in a vital situation. Show run and hit one of our stable of very promising TEs across the middle.

    Like the options our backs give the play callers.


    Good debate.  Is some of it due to the fact that we all tend to think of the depth chart in the traditional sense, with one starter and others in secondary roles?

    I know we’ve all talked about the “different guys for different games and styles” aspect, but I think we all (me included) still sometimes fall into the old depth chart aspect of it. I think we all, from the discussion here, understand that all the backs are probably going to play.

    There will be many formations with two backs on the field, with some split out in the slot at times, so that adds to playing time, if not necessarily touches, for all.

    One other point, I don’t think Leddie is deficient in catching the ball to the point where putting him in rules a pass to him out. He’s not as accomplished yet in that regard as McKoy or Sinkfield, but I don’t think the coaches would hesitate to throw it to him.

    That leads to another interesting point – if you want to put guys in a position where they can succeed, then that means calling plays to their strenghts. As Mex notes, that can lead to tendencies that the opponent can catch up on. So that’s a challenge for Matt Morre and Chad Scott –  take advantage of strengths without becoming too predictable.


    Run/pass option play calls also help combat predictability.  If Leddie is in there and the defense is thinking run, but the play call is a RPO, then HOPEFULLY the QB reads the box being stacked and defers to the pass option on the play call.


    Good point. That’s where the TEs can really help, as they can help sell the run with an initial block/fake before attacking a zone to make the defender choose. Can do it with WRs on shorter routes too, but really love having the TE available to do so.

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)
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