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    Obviously improved performance this week. Great? Not hardly but baby steps were nice to see. A few questions:

    1. How did they really grade out? Better for sure but I suspect once broken down the really didn’t grade out THAT well. Hopefully Hunter has the opportunity to study this aspect and respond. My overall grade: C+

    2. Assuming Sills is back next week what is the lineup?

    LT – McKivitz

    LG – Sills

    C – Mays

    RG – Behrndt

    RT – Hughes



    WVU uses a multi-point grading system, which includes effort, meeting the assignment, technique, etc.  It can be misleading, because it doesn’t really translate to a traditional school grading scale, or to ones used by other people. (Side note – those are often very misleading, because those outside the program doing the grading don’t know what the assignments are.)

    I don’t see Sills flipping sides. One thing Matt Moore likes is to keep OLs on the same side. They might flip between guard and tackle, but left to right is not a preference.  Also, moving Sills to center and then back to guard was not met with great enthusiasm.

    Finally, Wickline played better according to the coaches, so I don’t see him being bumped.

    McKivitz, Gmiter, Mays, Sills, Wickline would be my guess.







    As you may have figured out, I’m holding out for my McKivitz, Sills combo on the left side.

    Given it seems we have a handful of guards that can play at least some snaps I’d like to see Hughes focus in on the RT position.


    My opinion, obviously McKivitz is a fixture. Gmiter and Mays each played very well and I can’t see them moving out of the starting lineup. Sills likely gets back in the starting lineup, if healthy, though the combo at right guard of Hughes and Behrndt did a nice job. Outside of the Texas game last year, I thought Kelby played as well Saturday as he has, so I doubt he moves from the starting lineup.

    One of the nice things about the strong performance about WVU’s young linemen yesterday is now the Mountaineers have several more options, at least at guard and center, to use in a rotation or just to replace someone not playing well.


    As well as Gmiter, Hughes and Mays played as a group, you would think that they would be a bigger part of the rotation and maybe pushing Brown, Behrndt or Sills out of the 1st team.   Coming back from an injury or illness doesn’t automatically give you your job back.


    If that is, indeed, why they were out of the lineup in the first place.

    That said, Sills is very talented. NFL level. He has played a lot of great football. I’m not dropping him back because of a bad game.


    I liked everything I saw about the 3 new starters.  Mays did not have a bad snap but some of his made Kendall reach.  Hughes looked much bigger to me than his listed size.  And Gmiter looks like he has a bit of a mean streak, at least on the field.  Good trait for an offensive lineman.  But their effort cannot be disputed and you can’t get better without effort.  And you will get better with effort.

    I like coaches who reward the players who make plays.  Football is different than any other sport in that regard.  You do not have to be the most talented to make the most plays.  You just have to be the best football player.


    I’d start the same group.  Sills will play a good deal.  But start with the winners.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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