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    31 points,40 rebounds, and 22 offensive rebounds in 2 games. Sure could use that kind of performer this year. Glad to see a former Mountaineer doing well with another team.


    Who?  I have no interest in him.


    Too bad all his talent couldn’t help beat duke.  This will probably be his last year of collegiate ball so I hope he has a better posse of “advisers”


    He is playing well. However, should be noted that the bill of goods sold to him about playing outside and developing an NBA game haven’t been there much yet. No 3-pointers attempted in his last game, and only four shots where outside of 3-4 feet from the basket.


    Huggs had him in a position that was better suited for NBA development.  Playing along side of Derek he was “supposed” to be able to play outside.  Unfortunately his instinct was to move to the paint.  Huggs did talk about this early in Oscar’s FR year.

    When you are as vulnerable as he was to outside pressure and have the minions in your ear telling you what you need to do instead of listening to a coach, then this is what happens.  With Cal he will be a paint player all year.  Oscar will not see enough open space away from the basket to develop the things he needs for the NBA outside game.   That doesn’t mean he won’t be drafted.  But thinking that Cal will develop him in the same way that Huggs slated him isn’t thinking correctly.    Take a look at the UK roster.  Oscar is the paint player.  You won’t see him wander outside of 8 ft.


    If Oscar is going to make the NBA, think in terms of Ben Wallace.


    That guy quit on this program in the middle of the season. He quit on a then top-10 team and is a huge reason this team did not end up as a top-10 team.

    I hope that we’re not going to get an update on him after every game he plays for another school.

    You want to transfer to another school? Cool. Do it.

    Quit in the middle of the season on a top-10 team where you’re a key contributor, you can pucker on my posterior.

    This wasn’t a playing time or a mistreatment issue. This was a selfishness issue.

    I don’t wish him ill will. I wish him no will.

    And, as an aside, my father went to Kentucky, three of my uncles went to Kentucky, my grandparents went to Kentucky.

    I grew up in a family full of Kentucky basketball fans. My grandmother taught me how to keep basketball statistics watching UK basketball, and when she died, there were boxes full of notebook paper where she kept score of every single basketball game that she saw on TV, including shooting statistics from the field and the line, fouls and the running score. No scorebook. Notebook paper.

    And it makes it hard for me to watch Kentucky basketball because of the way I feel about that guy quitting on this team and program.

    And before anyone asks, when Kentucky plays West Virginia, my family wears the gold and blue. Every time from the time I was in diapers. Even Granny.


    Deuce, I like your you can “pucker on my posterior” comment….. I feel the same way, I don’t have any interest in what he does at Kentucky.


    WTH happened to once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer? I’ve seen plenty other athlete’s leave WVU for another team, usually to a lower tier team, and everybody is like all good luck and well wishes. I can only conclude it’s only OK to well wish defectors if  they are an inferior player.

    Don’t be hypocrites.

    I always thought Oscar had weak hands for a big man.Apparently somebody has taught him differently.Good for him.

    And if that hacks you off, here’s another fact that will blow your mind.He broke the all-time single game rebounding record for Rupp Arena…..That’s  pretty darn impressive considering the players who have played on that floor.


    I wish Oscar well because he was a Mountaineer. But I also know that he’s a headcase … with a lot of talent. If Oscar can stop being his worst enemy he could have a good season. Early numbers are great. We’ll see by March Madness time. For Oscar and Huggins Heroes. Charleston Classic will be a good chance to evaluate WVU. Some good competition but not world-beaters. Early in the season, that’s a good thing.


    He quit on this team

    He didn’t transfer in the off-season

    He doesn’t leave because of a lack of playing time

    He didn’t leave because he had run ins with the coaching staff

    He’s a quitter. Period.

    You want to follow him, nobody is stopping you.

    But if you expect to not hear disdain for him and the way he left, you’re going to be disappointed





    Ditto Deuce’s post.

    The way he quit was disrespectful to Huggs.  Huggs, the man who was in his corner and recruited him from High School.  I believe Huggs was the first to offer and stood by him the whole time.


    Just wait. Oscar will make Calipari pull his hair out eventually. It’s in Oscar’s nature. I wish him well. But his resume makes it dubious. 2 good games do not a season make.



    Deuce…..I guess I was mistaken about always being a Mountaineer.I just wanted to make note of the seismic shift in Oscar’s game.As CFE says it may be passing.We shall see, or in your case, not see. Unless you are privy to all of the details  and reasons of Oscars departure I don’t think you ,Butlereer or anyone else can judge another man’s heart.I certainly won’t.


    I don’t need to be privy of anything.

    He quit. That fact is not in dispute.

    But I am privy.

    This is not the Kentucky CatsPaws message board

    Once a Mountaineer has nothing to do with making his performance playing for another school the topic on a WVU sports website.

    Again, you’re free to follow him as you wish. Just don’t expect to do so without some disagreement. As is anyone else’s right.




    I remain a big fan of Oscar’s and wish the kid great success. I’m a WVU alumnus first and foremost, but I also earned my doctorate from Kentucky and was the only WVU fan in a room full of Wildcat fan classmates when Sagaba Konate got in ticky-tack foul trouble against Kentucky. WVU fans have been disappointed by many forwards in recent history who chose to forego remaining eligibility with WVU basketball. Oscar is not the first person to make a decision which was smart for him, but not beneficial for WVU… he’s just the highest profile forward to make that decision which is bitter for us as fans (especially because he moved on to another NCAA program and not just the NBA G league, or pro b-ball in Europe). Oscar is a high character guy, professes his faith in Jesus Christ, and acts with humility. He had to do what was right for him when Culver won the starting job… it was probably assumed that Culver was going to stay one more year at WVU so Tsheibwe moved on to a program that provided him better playing time. Then Culver kind of imploded and left the team and Isaiah Cottrell sustained a ruptured Achilles. These circumstances were hard on WVU basketball, but it’s not all Oscar’s fault. I think he’s having a great season so far, but tougher opponents remain on the schedule so it’s too early to call… but I think he will have a better season at Kentucky than he ever had at WVU and will be drafted in the first round. Oscar probably prayed about this decision and did what was best for him with the one life he has. I wish Oscar, Matthews, and McCabe nothing but success… as long as they’re not meeting WVU in a tournament come March (then all fandom fore those lads goes mute 😂).


    Always wondered what the Oscar episode did to the Huggins-Calipari supposed friendship?
    It’s acknowledged that there are various levels of news reporting and who knows what in these type of situations which presents many questions by the “civilian” level, most of which remain unanswered by those “in the know”!
    Being in the “civilian” group, the question posed above is just one of the things that has never been addressed, as far as I’m concerned? If it has, it would be appreciated the source or link.
    There are many more questions that would be ignored or poo-pooled and delegated to the
    “ Don’t ask” category or “you don’t need to know” bin!
    It’s PRIVATE to those involved!
    Political correctness!
    The Ostrich game!
    Privy has its privileges!


    Tony Alto .Good point.If we ever play Kentucky and Oscar I hope we dominate him.


    Deuce can’t seem to put that in perspective.

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