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    Not Off Topic, but time to change the topic to Oscar T. How many days? What’s the chance we do land him. There are articles saying that he’s a sure one and done.


    He is supposed to announce Saturday. I’d say the odds that WVU lands him are probably around 75 percent, maybe higher. My paranoia of Kentucky’s recruiting strength is the only thing that keeps me from saying the odds are 99.9 percent. I think WVU is in very good shape for Oscar, but I think everyone will breath easier once he actually makes the announcement on Saturday.

    Is he a one-and-done? Maybe, but since he’s still a little new to the game, like Sags, I could see him needing a couple years in college to get himself really ready for the NBA. Hopefully it’s an issue WVU has to face in a couple years, because first it means Oscar is a Mountaineer and then it means he’s good enough to at least consider being a one-and-done.


    Just curious….who was the last big time recruit that came down to UK/WVU and that WVU landed?

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