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    I’ll go along with QB Kendall’s assessment:

    QB Kendall said it best: “Our defense saved us.”

    Defense made Kansas punt 4 times and recovered a Jayhawk fumble in the FIRST QUARTER.

    Defense also intercepted a Kansas pass.

    Kansas got 190 FEWER yards against WVU defense than it did against Boston College in the previous game.

    Offense did just enough not to lose. In a 28-24 game, the defense was critical and timely.


    Definitely a scary thought that our D saved us as porous as they were


    I thought the d was good overall.  This ain’t your Daddy’s Kansas team.


    Winning with d is a good Nehlen kind of way.  Brown much more like him than HCDH.  That is a good thing.


    I’m thinking this bye week is perfectly timed. The kids have been to the wars and the warts have been exposed and the good news is that they are fixable.  Having an extra week to work on the issues with the knowledge that they can win and if they clean some things up, remain physical, and continue to grind that they can put some more W’s on the board.


    Our prevent defensive have them everything


    You know, it’s funny.  Every coach plays prevent defense.  Every prevent gives us yards.  More often than not the time it takes to get those yards does not leave enough time left to win the game.  But not every time.  But those *** coaches keep doing it, even when they fail.  Imagine letting them complete a pass in front of you and making the tackle.  Hollgorson has it right.  Don’t play behind them.  Try and knock it down or intercept.  What’s the worst that could happen?




    Bad timing Cinci but yes have to do better than we did today… hound them all day and shut them down but then almost hand it to them late.


    Not a big prevent fan either. But how many would be saying should have played prevent if we get burnt for a 80 yard TD because of pressure.


    in case it was missed my last post was intended to be tongue in cheek.  if we would have lost this game I would have put the blame on the offense.  We should have scored enough that their last 2 possessions should not have mattered.


    D saved us?  What?  In the 2nd half our D folded like a cheap bag.

    Kansas possessions in the 2nd half….

    FG 11 plays 71 yds …..

    TD 1 play 75 yds …..

    INT 4 plays 24 yds …..

    TD 10 plays 70 yds …..

    Driving straight down the field from their own 20 with 32 sec on the clock only for time to run out 6 plays 68 yds down to our 12 yd line.  Given a few more seconds and we would have put up another L today.

    How is this any where close to the D save us.


    i am never interested in trying to change anyone’s opinion.  I only post mine to contribute to the discussion.  I posted the following in the Neal Brown thread but it seems appropriate for this thread as well.

    I guess we see the defensive performance differently.  We gave up a long pass play and then later a TD using our prevent defense.  you’re going to give up some long pass plays in a season.  we will probably give up another before the season is over.  we may even get one ourselves.  but you don’t use prevent defenses for 4 quarters and we will work on ours going forward and I have no doubt we will get better.  and they didn’t have another 60 seconds at the end.  That’s the whole point.

    my problem with the defense today was we got some pressure on the QB early and then not much after that.  Worse, we lost contain on him too many times.  we need to work on both those aspects but the QB today was much better than the one we faced last week.

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