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      Out With A Thud MORGANTOWN, W.Va.  — That thud you heard around 9:15 on Monday night was West Virginia’s men’s basketball team crashing back to
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    In hindsight, this game fit the whole year. I hoped the team had turned a corner, and think maybe they still have, but it’s two steps forward, one step back.


    Without Culver on the boards we had nothing in the paint.  Routt tried, but just didn’t have his A game.  Gordon is just way too raw.  Matthews and Haley aren’t the beef needed in the middle even for support and Lord knows that West can’t D.  With Esa and Wes already gone we were just toast without Culver’s game.   In hind sight you could see this type of game coming.

    Wait till next year?????  We all hope.  IMO along with OT, we need another PF that can give us some good mins. I’m just not counting on Sags being part of the team next year.  May change, but wouldn’t bet the house at this point.


    All you can say about that, “Thud”. Rough year.



    I have no memory of a WVU that got blown out as often this team.  Yeam lacks to talent to win if they play less than their best.


    Disagree completely JAL.   This team certainly had a ton of talent.  Esa, Wes, Sags, Beetle and even Doomes had talent.  Plenty of talent.  What they didn’t have was the attitude that is needed for a TEAM to win.  You can’t go out there doing things for yourself.  You can’t put you own priorities before the team.  These guys let their own selfish goals and outside distractions get in front of what the team needed.

    Of the ones that are left, Culver, Haley, Matthews, McCabe, West, Harler, Knapper and Gordon have talent although in different ways.  Nobody can deny that Culver, Haley, Matthews and McCabe have skills that could take this team to new levels.  Four first year players playing together for the last 7 conference games have shown us a glimpse of the future.  West and Knapper have talent that needs to be channeled all the time, just not some of the time.  Harler’s talent is more of a coach than raw skill.  Gordon is an athletic freak.

    What is left of this team has not only the talent but the will to win.  We saw that in the B12 Championship games.  We just didn’t have enough depth to help with the 4 best on the team.  It’s hard when you take the 4 best players off any team.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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