Pac12 CCG

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    Oregon pulled away in the 4th. 37-15. This will knock Utah out of the 4 team playoff picture. They were #5 going into the game. Now #6 OU and #7 BU will both most likely move up with 1 L. #8 Wisky has 2L and unless they beat tOSU in their Conf CC game they are out of it also.

    SO, there is a good chance that if/when #2 LSU pummels #4 UGA in the SEC game that the winner of the OU/BU game will be in the playoffs. If UGA comes out with the W, this may leave both LSU and UGA in the playoffs.


    OU wins over Baylor.

    But if Baylor does win, will politics play a roll leaving Baylor out because of a very weak schedule.


    History could repeat itself. That could leave UGA in the mix at #4. UGA has W’s over at that time #6, #7, #12. BU doesn’t have a W over an at that time ranked team and L to OU then #10. OU has W’s over #11,#13,#21 and could add #7.


    If Baylor beats Oklahoma, particularly solidly, then I don’t see how a 1-loss Big 12 champion can legitimately be left out of the 4-team national playoffs. Baylor would be the only 1-loss team if Georgia and Oklahoma lose since Utah already took one to the gut from Oregon in the top 10 of the playoff committee’s rankings. Ohio State, LSU and Clemson, barring astounding upsets, will be the other three. Baylor, IF it beats Oklahoma worse than the Sooners beat the bears, should be a lock for the 4th spot.


    Can’t tie the conference angle to it — it’s Baylor’s non-con sched that would hurt it. If Georgia beats LSU, I think its OSU, LSU, Clemson and Georgia, no matter who wins the Big 12, or how impressively they do it.

    Clemson and OSU losing would be big upsets, but I don’t think Georgia would qualify quite as much. They’re right there, maybe just a notch below the undefeateds.


    I’m ok if Baylor’s out of conference schedule hurts them. It is very weak. They could and should do better


    Welp….. BU up 13-10 with 8:30 to go in the 3rd. Scores last 13 pts.


    OU comes back with a FG and a TD in the 3rd. Ball at the BU 45 with OU driving to start the 4th.


    And OU wins in OT>
    Let’s hope LSU clown stomps UGA.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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