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    Ok sorry I thought you lived here 😂😂



    There were definitely more fans at the Cactus Bowl than there were at the Pinstripe Bowl. Yes, the distance was far greater to Arizona, but I think a number of fans were put off or intimidated by going to NYC.

    As for bowl activities, they are almost totally the responsibility of the host committee, not the teams involved. The alumni associations or schools will usually have a food/bar/party thinkg the night before or the day of the game, but bowl activities for fans and the teams are on the bowl. There’s no way schools have time to set up a bunch of such things in the two-three weeks before the game, and that has never been the case. I’ve been to every bowl game since 1981, and almost all of the things have been bowl-provided.


    You’re right on the activities KK.  In lieu of the lack of activities in NYC, you could absolutely say there there is much more to do in NYC around XMas that most other destinations.  Intimidated by NYC?  Well, maybe because some people still are wary of NYC because of 9/11.  Or is it because of the throngs of crowds shopping and going to the theaters?   I’ve been there many times around XMas and it is (used to be) a great time.

    As far as attendance, not much difference.  2012 NYC 39k fans.  2018 AZ 41k.  Both games vs Cuse.  2012 was our only appearance in the NYC game.  And granted the venue wasn’t the best for a FB game.

    Now in AZ when you go back to 2016 vs Miami it’s 48k and 2010 vs NCSt 49k.  Then go back to 1997 vs GT and it was only 28k.  Jan2, 1995 vs South Carolina 50k,  It’s kind of all over the board depending on the game and opponent.

    BTW all of those bowl games were L’s.

    On the other hand, I may agree that in recent years NYC has turned into a shittt hole.  Wife and I used to love to go there a couple times a year.  Haven’t been there in the last 3 years because of a complete turn around in the “feeling” you have walking around.  Way too many people living on the streets.  But this discussion is for another thread on a different board.  Nuff Said.


    Fun in the Sun

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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