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    Any indication as to why zero snaps?

    We know production hasn’t been there but neither had it been there for McKoy.

    Perhaps he responded poorly to being challenged?


    Looks to me that McKoy and Brown have stepped up.  Kennedy the speed guy that can get outside. Leddie the guy that can get you 3 or 4 up the middle in traffic.

    Would like to see what Mathis can do later this year in 4 games so he preserves his RS.



    Not saying this is definitive, but I didn’t hear anything in that regard concerning Pettaway.

    I do think that it can be very difficult to give all four guys enough touches to see how they are doing, especially if the passing game continues to serve as a partial replacement for the running game.


    Brown got his carries this week, though there were a couple blown plays with him he ran hard.  Looks like the guy who will put his head down and get two yards even when the hole is closed.


    Agreed cc.  I think (and just my opinion) that Leddie is the best runner of the four. Now, that’s a narrow distinction, with the others having skills in some areas that exceed his. Just looking at all of the aspects that come into play when the ball is handed off, I think he has a little bit of an edge.

    That doesn’t mean I think the others should not play or get touches, though.  It’s just going to be tough to get all four rolling in any one particular game.


    Tough thing for Pettaway is the fact that he made his mark as the guy who would get the extra yard, out his head down and deliver the contact. Beyond that he was also the guy who was the fastest to/through the hole/line. Both aspects seem to missing in his play thus far.

    Add in that Brown is bigger, more physical and probably has better top end speed… Martel could be the odd man out. Matter of fact, with McKoy getting his groove back a bit and Sinkfield doing little or nothing I think we are going to see a lot more of Brown and McKoy with Pettaway and Sinkfield used sparingly to give them a rest.

    That’s a pretty nice duo to have in that role and I’m sure Sink will break one when least expected in his fill in role.


    Although this last game it was all Kennedy and Leddie, I don’t know that you can immediately write off Alec and Martell.  Martel didn’t play last game.  And the first two games the OL was a dumpster fire.  Nobody gained anything.  But to the novice sitting in his recliner instead of his season seats for the first time in 20 years it looked like McCoy/Brown is the duo going forward.


    This is me guessing. Perhaps Kennedy and Leddie had the best practice of the week. Neal Brown did say players will compete for every position after that Missouri embarrassment.


    My points are multiple:

    1. Both Brown and McKoy played well and ran hard.

    2. Brown skill set is similar to that of Pettaway in that both are physical runners and Brown brings more of that aspect

    3. Pettaway distinguishes himself from Brown with his ability to get to the next level much quicker – that seems to have gone away

    4. Sinkfield’s unique skill was his speed and home run threat. While not his fault entirely this is not going to be a home run from the backfield offense.

    5. McKoy still the most well rounded back of the group.


    Seems safe to say that the carries would be distributed (redistributed) based on the above factors until something changes.

    McKoy: 10-12

    Brown: 8-10

    Pettaway: 4-5

    Sinkfied: 3-4


    Anothr factor: Moore or Brown said today that the lack of two back sets against NCSU, which weren’t part of the game plan, meant less snaps over all for the backs, and for Pettaway in particular, as he’s a big part of that play phase.


    So Ifollowed up with a ? about if that meant we’d continue to see times when a guy might not play because his skills don’t fit the game plan that week. I need to relisten to the entire answer, and I’ll have it in some piece of content this week, but I think the overall answer was yes.

    I took from it that just becasue a guy doesn’t play doesn’t mean he’s in the dog house.


    So what one can take from that is that a healthy Brown has pushed a less hard running Pettaway out to a degree.

    Frabkly I don’t understand the assertion that Pettaway of more of a two back guy as it seems obvious that would be Sinkfield’s role moreso than Pettaway.

    At any rate it appears we will see less of 32 in the backfield, at least in the short term.


    I think Brown is WVU’s best running back, not including receiving skills. He runs the hardest and breaks the most tackles, IMO.

    WVU in a two back set wants to have one guy that’s a thumper and that can block and another that’s more of a mobile elusive type (outside of special situationas, like say third and short.). So, it’s not a valid assumption that the two backs would be Sink and someone else. In trying to use players where they can best contribute, the two back is one place where Pettaway was slotted.


    It’s a good discussion.  Coaches also have a habit of using players they feel will complete the assignment and not necessarily the best for the bigger play percentage.  This could be a reaction to the weeks prior practice as mentioned above where the percentage of success was higher for one player over another who would have greater potential of a big gain.


    Kevin, we have one elusive type period and that is Sinkfield, thus my rationale for his inclusion in the two back sets.

    McKoy not so elusive as he is smooth. In fact the few times one on one in open field he hasn’t shown much shiftiness at all this season.

    So being “that guy” that has to boil things down I’d say the takeaway is Martel is the best (only) blocker of the group. McKoy certainly hasn’t been great blocking this year and Brown not enough evidence one way of the other.



    Ability to run with the ball is only part of the reason these guys are getting more snaps.  Leddie 5yds/carrie,  Sinkfield 2.2/carry in the NCSt game.  Receiving, McCoy 11, Petteway 2, Sinkfield 1. over 3 games.  Blocking hard to tell, but last year it was said that Leddie was the better blocker.  You go with the hot hands and at this time it’s Kennedy and Leddie.


    Ok, I get that point mex.  I would say, though, that now that Leddie is back, he might be the most elusive of all, if by elusive we mean the ability to avoid being tackled. He has some moves, but he runs through contact so well, I think people miss more tackles against him than they do against any other WVU back.



    This discussion has really interested me and in part because of what a friend of mine who coaches H.S. football in Michigan told me about Pettaway when he first committed to WVU.  He told me that we had literally “stole one” when he signed with us.

    With that said, my comment to this discussion is that no matter how nuanced the argument, there is one inevitable bottom line to which backs see the field – HUNGER.

    Regardless of the skill sets, if a back is truly hungry he is going to see the field.  He must show that he’s hungry in every phase of the process – in the film room, in the meeting room, on the practice field, in the weight room, and most of all when he does get his touches on game day.  All the great backs I’ve ever seen in my lifetime were hungry – both here at WVU and throughout college football.  They were never satiated, they were always “starved”.

    When Martel really gets hungry, he’ll see the field and he’ll get his touches.  What he does with them is up to him.


    That’s some political type spin on the word elusive KK!

    Brown looks to be more the prototype back in terms of size, power, speed. I hope he continues to develop and can be the primary back.

    It is a tough call on how to utilize such a deep stable.

    Do you rotate throughout and keep all relatively fresh and healthy?

    Do you establish a primary back and ride him the majority of the time?

    Do you bring in a fresh back late 3rd/4th quarter to pressure a tired defense?

    My preference would be to see Brown emerge, be the workhorse then get fresh backs (McKoy and Pettaway) carries later in the game when they can maybe take advantage of a tiring D.

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