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    Kevin, Greg, Mex, Butler or anyone else, have you guys seen the Twitter feed from Justin Murphy, reference HCDH?

    Yes, we have moved on and are much better off but this is mind boggling.  The kid obviously has an axe to grind and did not exactly do his former school (UCLA) any favors with the way he transferred but if any of this is true….holy crap!


    Wow.  Confirms what I already knew about that scoundrel.


    Could all be completely unfounded which is why I made no mention of the content.  However, this dude sure swung for the fences.


    You could say that the statements in the twitter feed are alleged and reference the content………so what did the kid allege ?


    Summary of allegations please.  I wish folks would realize that there are some of us who (wisely I believe) refuse to use twitter.  And when you state that you just read an amazing tweet, we have no idea what you are talking about because people like me don’t and will never tweet.  When I have a brain fart, I don’t want to share with the world.


    The reason I didnt talk about the content of his tweet feed is out of respect for Greg and Kevin and not knowing how they would feel about it.  I just wondered if any of you fellow Mountaineers saw it.  Guess it was silly of me to think it could be discussed without actually bringing up what he said.

    Just Google “Justin Murphy attack on Holgorsen” and there are multiple articles about it, including the whole Twitter thread without having to go to twitter.


    Yes, we tweeted it last night, and posted a link in the Around the Web roundup this morning.

    Basically, Murphy said the DH approached some players about redshirting after four games this year, and that he, despite being as healthy as he had been and willing to play, was removed from the travel squad and bascially told he would not be playing. He went in to talk to DH who said he was too busy to talk.

    I am not surprised. Interpersonal reactions are not one of DH’s strengths. And the suspicion was there that after the two losses, he went about trying to regroup for next year, when graduation and the loss of D’Eriq King would have crushed the offense.

    Also, rev and others, thanks for your thoughts on discretion, but we have no problem with any topic you want to raise here that’s WVU or college sports related, even tangentially.  There may be some topics we don’t reply to, but all are welcome. If you have thoughts or find something interesting, please share!



    here’s the tweet link



    Part of me wants to say this is brilliant and in reality it is.

    However it further stains the entire spectrum of college athletics and the business of college football. It is evidentiary proof that big time college sports is about the brand and the program far more than about the young men who come and go.

    I am just about the last guy that would throw that out there as I am completely against the pay and image based revenue for players. That said this is pretty disgusting from DH. The kid being removed from the travel squad and team is repulsive.

    Sad thing is Dana’s boy Fertita will have to be pressured heavily and very publicly for anything to happen to DH.

    If I were a betting man I’d put money on him not making it through the season, maybe week. Fertita already playing damage control with another of his actual  employees for the Rockets. He doesn’t need this scandal hanging around his neck right now.

    The similarities between DH and RR are amazing. Both innovative, brilliant but ultimately self destructive guys.


    I’m waiting for more information.  This isn’t the first kid that was pissed at his first year coach at the school that did things he didn’t agree with or against expectations.

    Is DH an asshole?  Sounds like it.  Is he a good coach? At times.  I don’t really know since I can only go by what’s written.  Never met him.

    Just saying this kid isn’t the first one this year to have a problem with the new coach and every new coach goes through this type of situation.  This kid decided to put it out in a very public  manner.

    If the kid is absolutely correct then I agree with Mex, DH’s time is short.


    From a standpoint of trying to eke out a couple more wins this year, it is smart.

    The guys that get crushed are the seniors that don’t have a RS year left.  Basically their last season is thrown in the dumpster.

    I don’t see much pressure coming on DH for this, certainy not to the firing level. The coach has the right to play whoever he wants, even if it he’s not playing his best guys for any reason other than self-aggrandizement.

    The difference in this any any other first year coach, IMO, is the report that DH asked X number of players to redshirt.  I guess that’s ok, but it’s not benefiting the kid, no matter how much they want to play the “development” angle.


    DH was a horrible coach and a worse person.  This is just further evidence.


    This goes to the heart of what Dana is as a person.  It’s all about me.  I get it that you want to set your team up for the future.  But asking your best players to RS, not play….. walk away from the team THIS YEAR, is nothing more than deplorable.  Especially after 4 games which those players….. ALL PLAYERS gave 100% to the game.  After the season didn’t start out the way he wanted.  After he took a look at how the season would probably end and then to make the decision to TANK the season by coercing his best players to RS, QUIT the team this year even if they could play.  What does this say about Dana’s and those RS players commitment to the SR’s on this team.

    If he’s willing to do this to the present team …… and kick kids off the team that are injured ….. then what will he do next year?

    I’ve been a Dana supporter all along because I always thought that he had the ability to put together a very good team.  After last season, the way he treated us on the way out and the shape he left the program, I know now that my KoolAid was spiked.  I was blinded by his ability to put numbers on the board.  Always questioned his recruiting process, D strategy with the 3-3-5 and coaches turnover but the ability to score clouded my judgement.

    Now that the UH thing comes out, could it be that Dana had a hand in our best players opting out of the Bowl Game?  Hmmmmmm.


    Folks, I think we’re seeing a coaching career beginning to go down the drain.


    It wouldn’t bother me if DH ended up picking up pop cans out of the road ditch.Never liked the guy as a coach or his personality.


    I think he’s not head coaching material and I’ve thought that from the beginning.  He will eventually crash and burn at UH.  The question will be if he can leverage his position to land at another school like he did from here before the door closes on him.  I am convinced that Shane would not have extended his contract.  Ultimately, I think he becomes a NFL O-coordinator someday.


    Without question, WVU was not going to extend his contract.

    And I also think he probably counseled some players here not to play in the bowl game.


    I’m still pissed off about the bowl game.  I don’t think Dana could have cared less about the game, and he did next to nothing to prepare for it (reminiscent of the Pinstripe Bowl debacle).  For old-timers like me playing in a bowl is still a big deal and playing an old rival like Syracuse is an even bigger deal.  But, Dana didn’t care; he knew he was gone.  And watching the Iowa State game yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder if Dana put forth very much effort in recruiting since he knew his future was elsewhere.  (I know it’s time to move on and forget about him, but our struggles this season are in large part the result of Dana’s indifference.  So, it’s hard to forget and move on).


    Also, I apologize for the excessively harsh comments on Twitter.  It’s just that I hate Twitter.  It’s turned our country into the equivalent of a junior high school where the kids trade insults and bully each other.  Facebook is bad enough, but Twitter has reduced our national discourse to the level of 12 year-old kids.


    Oldguyeer – it’s like you are inside my head on these last two posts.

    Twitter, like many items, aren’t evil in and of themselves, but misuse by the majorty have made them, as Newton Minow said of television, “a vast wasteland”.

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