Poll: Should The Mountaineers’ Men’s Basketball Team Play Annually In Charleston?

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    Should The Mountaineers’ Men’s Basketball Team Play Annually In Charleston?
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    Not only NO, but HELL NO.  We don’t make as much money playing in Charleston and it takes the players out of town for a day.


    No. You can’t play a nobody team in Charleston and expect to make money. Schedule a big name team and maybe they make money. But I can’t see bringing in a big name and lose that opportunity for a sell out in Coliseum.




    Being contrarian, not only YES, but HELL YES.  We should not be stiffing the sizable fan base in the state’s capital city and environs of an opportunity one damn time a season to have a short commute to see their beloved Mountaineers.  And there are some serious donors in the Charleston area as well.

    If I must add to that argument, then consider it an incumbent obligation when you wear the mantle of the state’s flagship university.


    No way!


    “YES THEY SHOULD”!! Because it should not be about the money for the University (its only one game)!! But there can be a big financial hit on Southern WV fans for a trip to Morgantown that some of us cannot afford. It should be about giving fans in Southern WV (Beckley, Bluefield area) a cheaper and closer way to see “THEIR”  Mountaineers while driving a 2 hour round trip (120 miles) instead of a 6 to 7 hour round trip (340 miles), add another 40 miles each way from Bluefield. Maybe older fans or fans like me who are disabled and live on “Small Social Security” incomes and cannot afford the round trip to Morgantown. The trip to Morgantown from the Beckley or Bluefield area requires a person to purchase at least 2 and maybe 3 meals, which could run upwards of $60 or more. Add in another $60 or $70 more for gas and at least $20 for the game ticket and you are talking about at least $150. That is a lot of money for someone on a fixed income. You could cut maybe $100 off of that for a trip to Charleston, $15 for gas (you can bypass all of the toll plazas), $15 for food and maybe $20 for a nose bleed seat.


    I just don’t have a solid opin on this …. playing more power 6 non conference games makes it tuff to play a game in Charleston


    I agree  .. HELL NAW!!   The Charleston Civic Center SUCKS as a Basketball Venue!!   Unless you are in the lowest level, the pitch of the seating makes viewing SUCK!

    The Legislature gives little to NO money to WVU Athletics, yet WVU sucks up to them by giving them the majority of the court side seats!   We had 2 Mountaineer Scholar Accounts and could not usually get seats closer than row N to S off the court!!  WTH??    I finally quit buying tickets for that horrid venue to reduce my anger.   I vowed to never go there again for a basketball game about 5 or 6 years ago.


    Obviously strong feelings on both sides of this issue, and the points made are valid.

    Sometimes you do have to sacrifice a little money for some PR gains, and that’s why I think I’m narrowly on the side of playing one in Chas.

    However, with two non-con games now tied up in the Big East and SEC ties with the Big 12, and the holiday tournament taking up another (four games, which counts as two toward the maximum), it is getting harder and harder to fit in.

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