Poll: What Grade Would You Give The Mountaineer Football Team Through Its First Four Games?

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    Poll: What Grade Would You Give The Mountaineer Football Team Through Its First Four Games?  
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    Record: A- (not much more could have been expected and I think we all HOPED for 3-1)

    Eye Test: C (just not truly solid in any aspect of the game, signs here and there but overall we just don’t stand out anywhere)

    Coaching: B+ (getting this squad, as inconsistent as it is, to 3-1 has been no small task, the o-line jostling in late camp drags the grade down a bit as I can’t help believe that slowed the progress of that unit that remains our biggest weakness)


    Overall C.  With the blow out @ Mizzou and eeking out W at home vs DII and  JMU and @ Kansas doesn’t bode well.  But the NCSt game looked very promising.   Pleased with a 3-1 start that could easily been 1-3.  There is a lot of work to do in the trenches on both sides of the line.  It all starts with the beef up front.


    C.  Blown out by the only quality P5 team we played.  Played JMU and KU to a stand still.  Nice win against NCST.

    KU has been one of the worst P5 team over the past 10 years and right now we seem to be on a par talent wise with them.


    Record:  A-  The Mizzou loss was expected, but not a blow out.  JMU was a struggle.  NC State was nice.  Kansas was a grinder.  But, 3-1 makes me grade on a jaded curve.

    Eye Test:  C-  Some run game improvement, but I need to see consistency in the run game to reconsider this grade.  However, I am pleased with the DL play.  And special teams have been steady, not great, but steady.

    Coaching:  B+  Several factors involved here, but I see attention to detail, decent adjustments, excellent clock management, and willingness to make changes when results are less than satisfactory.

    Overall:  C


    B on results  They have done what they needed to do  to win 3

    C overall as they have not good winning except for the NC State game


    B.  I was hoping to be 3-1 at this point, and we are.  (4-0 seemed unrealistic).  If we could win three more games and become bowl eligible, I would consider this season a success.  I was more impressed perhaps with the win over Kansas than most of our fans are because I’ve always thought that winning on the road (in any sport) says a lot about your maturity and toughness.  It might be useful to recall than Don Nehlen was 6-6 in his first season, which is OK (C+/B-).  Little did we know in 1980 what a great coach we had in Nehlen.  I see similarities with Brown.


    Assessing a new coaching staff and somewhat average talent team?

    1.   Coaching B:    The coaching seems to continually improve as players improve which is a coaching talent.  There is a lot to learn by both to get to above average performance.  I’m happy with the progress.

    2.  Execution C-:  Actually it’s a pretty good score considering the first 2 games and the all important development of trusting one another doing their assignments.

    3.   Game time Adjustments B:  I like to see the adjustments being made especially from one half to the next.  It signifies the coaches are identifying strengths and weaknesses and deciding on what needs to change and communicating to the players to effectively execute the changes.

    4.  Improvement from game to game C:  Being fair, this is a good score for only 4 games.  I would expect it to get better as the season progresses and both players and coaches improve their education of one another though the game competitive atmosphere.

    5.  Overall C:  I am impressed how this season is playing out.  I do expect peaks and valleys for the rest of the season and I think the quality of this new staff can efficiently overcome the valleys.



    Definite B.  Couldn’t ask much more from this team.  Coach has hit all the right notes.  Offense is a mess but game plans have gotten the most out of them.  Future is a question.  Can they survive October with enough confidence to wins some games the rest of the year?  Don’t see them winning in Oct, unless they can steal one in Waco.


    I am pleased with where we are at present. Exactly where I thought we’d be.

    Going forward (this season), come the REAL challenges.

    But I will admit this: I find myself every bit as enthused about Neal Brown as I always have been about Bob Huggins. I know this is weird–and without merit, but this is coming from the gut.

    If this team can muster three more wins this year, I’d consider it gravy. If it does, I’d take a Cactus Bowl invitation in a heartbeat (as worthless as it is in principle).

    So, the final grade has yet to come out–which is the only grade that counts.


    D, not grading on any kind of curve.  It’s just where I think we are right now.  We’ve won games we should have.  I know a ton of talent was lost and we have a new coaching staff and scheme. When you put it all down on paper we have a lot more kicks in the nuts then we do attaboys.

    To be frank, I thought we would be 1 – 3 at this point.  The one win coming against JMU.  The NCST win really is not that impressive when you dig into their record.  Quite frankly I’m not sure what to think of KU.

    Neither the offense or defense are consistent yet. If a C is “average”, I don’t think we can compete with the middle of the pack P5 football teams yet.  I think we fall just below that.

    That being said, I am very excited about this coaching staff. I like seeing the excitement and effort in this team. Previously what you saw from WVU in week 1 wasn’t much different than what you saw at the end of the season.  I love seeing the team grow week to week now.  You can literally see the progress.  You can see the staff actually making adjustments during the game. I love seeing the freshman get a chance to shine rather than sticking with individuals who aren’t.  Forgive me for not knowing this kids name (WR), but I can still see him taking that handoff and running around the edge.  He looked like a stick figure with a helmet on.  I loved his effort.  I love watching Sam James. I see a tremendous amount of potential.  I see excitement.

    I don’t know if we will be bowl eligible but I look forward to watching them play because I never know what they will pull out of a hat.  I can’t say the same thing for the majority of the last few coaching staff’s & teams.















    I’m with NoPittyHere, 3 more wins certainly won’t come easy, but I believe they are attainable.

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