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    Matthews gone


    Surprise to me.  Bridges is supplanting him in the small forward role though, so maybe not that surprising.  I wish him well.



    All year, it seemed pretty clear that Huggins was trying to boost Matthews’ spirit or esteem or sense of value. I’m not going to make any further estimation than that, but it seemed pretty clear that a departure was going to happen.


    I hate to see him go!I always liked his play. Good luck Emmitt! I wish you well! I will miss Emmitt and Jordan… I guess we just have to get used to this. Not a fan…


    The saddest fact in all of this is that these moves will only continue to rise. Very difficult time to be a basketball recruiter these days.


    Surprise to me as he is a legit starter. Would like to get in theae kids heads to know what they are thinking.


    Well, it’s a revolving door which means that players go OUT and other players come IN. Just be thankful Bob Huggins stays at WVU as the best coach we’ve ever had although Fred Schaus was pretty close and Red Brown, I think, was next in line. Just my opinion. No need to bring out the firing squad responses. As long as Bob stays, half the problem is solved. Replacing the dearly departed with new blood is Bob’s task. Ours is not to reason why, or cry, but to be true to gold and blue no matter what. Can’t wait for football season! Seems a long way off already. Seems like basketball ends months ago. It got me through the pandemic. Thanks, Bob and Huggins Heroes!


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Portal has its consequences.
    Just bringing in quality ayers doesn’t mean you will have a successful season. See KY and Dooke.
    It takes time for good players to gel into a good team.


    ” As long as Bob stays, half the problem is solved. ”

    What problem?

    Just need some clarification on what problem is half solved from a former sports statistician as yourself!

    WThanks in advance!


    Even a caveman knows what I was saying.

    Having Bob Huggins as the coach solves half the problem of having a successful program.

    Getting players who buy into Huggins’ ways, which 900 career victories proves is successful, is the other half of the problem.

    Solve both problems and maybe WVU with Huggins can do with even the legendary Jerry West couldn’t do, although, man, did he try against California! 


    These guys switch high schools and AAU programs all the time.  Now it’s happening at the collegiate level.  When will schools say playing the game is still worth it?  Isn’t supposed to be about educating young men and women?  Why would universities allow themselves to be treated like the. AAU circuit?


    I’ve been really contemplating what kind of off the court experience these young men have been subjected to since the pandemic.  Having to curb social activities in college is awful, that’s what made my experience at WVU so special.  These young men and women have had to cut off family and friends for most of the season to ensure the team is healthy enough to continue.  The amount of sacrifice has created a unknown amount of mental health scenarios, each individual more than likely different.  That being said, you just wonder how much of the pandemic has also led to more transfers.  Could be coincidental, but imagine not being from WV and being stuck in a Morgantown apartment and not being able to enjoy Morgantown to its fullest?  The amount of flights taken in caution to and from Texas/OK/Kansas area.  Long year and maybe it’s just time for change.


    Good point, 2003.


    Surprise to me as he is a legit starter. Would like to get in theae kids heads to know what they are thinking.

    The effort has been and is being made. It is extremely rare to a) get an answer and b) get an honest answer.


    No matter what, Matthews and McCabe kept the program afloat when there was ZERO leadership. They assumed that role, but playing time continued to decrease as higher skilled players passed them by. So I feel like they played a vital role in the program even though it didn’t really pan out in terms of development.


    See your point Jeff. But there will always be more talented players coming in. Emmitt had talent but health problems held him back this year. Had he been healthy and put on muscle weight it may have made a difference. Jordan is just limited because of size. Skilled but overmatched in speed and size.


    2003, I think you make a valid point that predates even the pandemic.  When I was at WVU many moons ago the football and basketball players seemed more like regular students than they do now.  Their commitment did not, at least for the few that I knew at least a little, start at 6 am and go to bedtime.

    If their experience is more like a job than ever before can we really blame them for treating it like a job?

    For whatever reason or reasons, college athletics seems to have lost some of its luster for both the fans and the athletes.  And that may not be reversible.  Which may only really matter to those who either experienced, or imagined they experienced, a more innocent time back in the day.


    Cinci, it’s turned into big business.  For the most part there aren’t student athletes any more.  Basketball is the worst.  Almost every P5 player can go on to play for a few years at the next level somewhere in the world.  Little different for FB but the kids that have close to NFL talent spend more time developing their talent than they do developing their academic skills.

    It just ain’t the same.  Will never be the same feeling as back in the day.  Not for the fans, not for the players, not for anyone.


    Division III is more pure student athlete.

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