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    I did see for a few minutes some hope for our press. The line up we had then was brings us back from that hole we had gotten. What slowed us down was are passing and making mistakes when we were making that run. A  crucial call was that out of bounds call that when to Baylor.

    Tennessee will be Handful.


    I’d be shocked if Tennesse doesnt beat us by 25 points


    After last night, I’m of the opinion that returning to the press may be WVU’s only hope of success this season, and even that hope is slim. The Mountaineers are typically awful in their halfcourt offense, and while their press has at times been ineffective this year, in the second half last night it created enough chaos to provide West Virginia with a little spark. Now maybe some of that can be attributed to Baylor – remember BU, which was ranked No. 1 at that time, had 29 turnovers against WVU – but going back to the press may be the only hope for the Mountaineers.


    We won’t see the press like last year’s, but yesterday when we pressured BU in the 2nd half they did have problems. I just don’t know that we have the foot speed to press 94′. Our traps at 3/4 and 1/2 court seemed to work well.


    Butlereer, no doubt you’re right that WVU’s best press in 2018-19 won’t come close to what it had last year, with Jevon Carter and Daxter Miles causing panic among the opponents. My only point is that nothing else is working either.


    I wold say a good bit of the success was due to the fact that Baylor doesn’t have great ballhandlers.

    Like Greg, I don’t see the harm in trying to ramp things up some, because teams already drive it straight to the rim for easy lay-ups and dump offs even when WVU is sitting back or even in a zone.

    This probably goes back a bit to Huggins saying that the coaching staff may have given in to the team on some things. I assumed that was referring to not pressing as much.


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