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    trump wanted our allies to pay their fair share… or defend themselves …nothing more….


    they’re more like sponges than allies

    China isn’t a threat anyway with Hunter working for them eh?



    More ignorant cultist talk. It’s all yer have to offer son?

    i suggest yer stay over at the stupid central site with yer ignorant peers.


    Calm down Lali dumba


    Yer the one all eat up over yer cult master.

    try to keep from kys, please?


    The political implications of Jesus Christ are set forth very nicely in Pope Francis’ recent book Let Us Dream and in his recent encyclical Fratelli Tutti.  Both are short and easy to read.  My own view (not the Pope’s) is that Jesus was a subversive.  A peaceful subversive, but a radical challenge to all power structures.  Jesus’ special concern was for the poor and the marginalized.  He was a pacifist (deal with it if that bothers you).  True Christianity never gets cozy with the rich and powerful; it challenges them prophetically.  This is also true of the Jewish scriptures (I don’t call it the Old Testament; it’s still the Word of God).  There is one Lord, and that Lord is Jesus Christ, not Caesar, not the President, not military leaders, not SCOTUS.  The Romans and Jewish Temple authorities understood how radical Jesus was and consequently killed him.  But he rose again, and he is Lord, not Trump, not Biden.  Go ahead and render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, but Jesus is Lord of all that is, so actually Caesar is entitled to nothing except what God permits him to have.  A great book that spells out what a Christian is supposed to be is Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship.  Bonhoeffer had to choose between Christ and Hitler.  He chose Christ, and it cost him his life.


    Well said Oldguyeer


    The rich and powerful are mostly all progressive elitists, mainly in the democratic political structure , the very structure youre cheering on today.

    the fact so many of you you are oblivious to this obvious fact says more about you than you know apparently.

    jesus has nothing to do with it


    Proud of these people today, just the beginning. Time to reap what you have sewn.


    It’s the people’s house!!!!

    15 arrests

    5 guns consficated so far ..

    I don’t condone the guns being there or any projectiles or assaults on anyone but those acts were committed by by only a handful of people and I’m waiting to see their identities and affiliations.


    oh and a woman was shot but it’s not clear if she is alive or who shot her from what I’m hearing

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