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    Please tell me folks and be honest. I am a life long Republican since I was 18 now pushing 64. How much has the presidential change has affected you and or your families life. I am willing to bet little to none. I know mine hasn’t changed. Most of the time very few of ours live do with any administration does.

    My wife and I have a mixed marriage. She is a staunch Democrat slob with my 49 year old daughter. My parents were like that. They would vote for a mass murder just because they were democrats. I think Trump was not a good guy and I now feel bad for voting for him the first time.

    I am tired of McConnel, Nancy Polosi  and just all of them. I live in a purple state on federal side but Red on the state level. Our governor would get lost in a round room with one door.

    there is no such thing as a African American, Asian American or a white American we are just Americans. The people in charge politicians, the press and other parties try to separate us.

    I am a 20 year Veteran who spent 65% of my career as a Corpsman of Marines. I am actually a sailor by service but since the Corp get all their medical support from the Navy. I was in 3 combat zone and saw hatred people couldn’t imagine or even fathom in your worst. I defended people rights by doing what I did helped to defend the Constitution. You can say the President is a waste of human life and I hope he dies you can do that and no be arrested. In Beirut I watched so many killed when our barracks was blown. The Panama in invasion was the first time I had a guy die in my arms. He was a young marine with a wife and 3 kids he was a good damn Marine. That one haunted me even to this day. Desert Storm was number 3. When 9/11 happened I was 4 year retired and my wif blew a gasket because I tried to go back on active duty. I even solicited help from Senator  McCain still no luck.

    If you really want to a so called patriot be a good person, treat people with respect and no matter their  skin color, ethnic background, sexual preference or political affiliation. I could care less of your politics treat me with respect you can expect the same from me.

    Stop blaming Trump for everything. This administration has done nothing  but give away not to work. I know Congress is in this also.

    We all are gonna agree and disagree on shit no issue. Now both parties led by the press to hate over party lines. I can tell you this is not the Republican part of in 1976. If anyone ever comes to AZ PM me  or join my Facebook (Bruce Crow) we can go and have pizza and Beer.


    I’ll keep blaming Trump for most of it, especially until he quits lying about the election and stoking mistruths about covid.  He wasn’t the start of the poison politics we have, but he did take advantage of the problems for his own benefit.  He brought a pack load of crooks and unethical players into his administration, and wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face.  Unfortunately, the Republicans have continued to follow him down the rat hole he created.  Until the Republicans repudiate him, they will never get another vote from me for any office.  Used to routinely split my ticket, but no more until they stop their insanity


    Would be glad to get beer and pizza with you should I ever make it to AZ.


    The absurdity of a democrat voter accusing Trump of unethical behavior.  The demon crat party is an utter sewer of corruption and evil.  Trump is a womanizer, an adulterer, and is narcissistic and STILL that leaves him far less evil than demon crats that support murdering babies in abortion clinics, that coddle violent extremists of ANTIFA and BLM while they violently riot against freedom of speech……Trump at his worst is a better human than a defund the police o crat.  Demon crats lied thru their rancid diseased face anus about Russian collusion entirely based on a fraudulent Steele dossier that they KNEW was manufactured by Hilary PIG….it was demon crat maggots that WEAPONIZED THE DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA and IRS to attack political enemies just like the FASCIST NAZI PIGS that they are to their molecular level.  If you blame Trump for anything in a world infected by the disease of the democrat party then you are at best an ignorant fool to be pitied, or at worst you know better but you are a liar…..So ignorance or evil is your options…..I hope for the sake of your soul its ignorance.


    Looks one of the more unhinged from the insane site has posted here.

    poor devil.

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