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    … WVU football notices for academic and workout honors.  Just another positive touch that gives recognition and builds awareness.

    This week’s academic notice to TJ Simmons, Workout Warriors to JoVanni Stewart, Briason Mays and Logan Thimons



    I like a lot of the recognition things Coach is doing.

    Offseason work is hard and thankless. There are no games to win, no plays to make, no headlines to grab, no highlights to see on TV.

    Keeping them motivated to give their all when the lights aren’t shining bright is not an easy task.

    Kudos big time


    Yes indeed.  Very good idea.  Little things like this matter–they’re not little things really.  I remember when I was working that a quick email or a phone call from my boss telling me she appreciated the work I was doing meant as much to me as a raise.  (But raises were nice too).  When folks are doing good things, recognize them!


    So far everything that comes out of the FB program has been a positive.  New coach.  New attitude.


    Coaches, like managers in the private sector, have to offer constructive criticism and feedback.  My theory back in the day that I managed people was to be just as quick to praise when deserved as I was to criticize when that was deserved.  That principle served me well.  I suspect that if these coaches keep running the show the way they’ve started, that when the day comes that they have to rip one of the guys a new anal opening, that it will be received as being constructive rather than destructive.


    Coaches with two bung holes is never a good thing.  But sometimes having to reroute the outcome is the best for everybody.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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