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    Switch rosters between Calipari and Huggins!
    Where would each team be in their conference?
    So what per cent is more important?
    As Huggins says, you have to be right playing
    against those teams that have more talent!
    Or get more talent!


    Well if you have guys with good fundamentals and high basketball IQ Then the talent shouldn’t matter as much as most think. But at some point your going to need some talent to survive. You don’t have to have all 5 guys super talented you only need 1 or 2. The IQ and Fundamentals can carry the rest.

    Huggins would be top in the SEC and Calipari would be bottom of Big 12 with these said teams.

    Talent would be important especially with good fundamental basketball and High IQ.

    You can’t coach guys talented or not who don’t want to listen.


    I do think Huggs would be better with the overachievers and grinders.

    You do have to give Calipari credit for recruiting those players, but everywhere he has been there have been violations. He has managed them players pretty well, there’s only been one year where the team didn’t play close to expectations, but it’s a nice cushion when your talent is far, far superior to 90% of the league foes you face.


    There’s enough paperwork on Calipari at NCAA headquarters to run a pulp mill for a month.


    WVU is outside the Top 300 in the nation in the following catergories:

    Field Goal Percentage

    3pt percentage


    Assist/Turnover ratio.


    The offense is so bad that it bleeds over to the defensive effort which is absurd.

    "Confidence is a lot of this game or any game. If you don't think you can, you won't. "

    - Jerry West


    One thing not mentioned here is Calipari is better at coddling the egos of superstars. Look at how the Sags drama has played out this year.

    Almost every year the starting five for UK is going to be in the NBA the following season. I hate John Caliparia but the success he has had with what should be a dis functional team is kind of crazy. Imagine 5 Sags who are trying to impress NBA scouts, are one foot out the door and have a huge group of people in their ears outside of the coaching staff.

    Huggs does not let players walk over him and he constantly employs the dog house to try and break them. Occasionally it works for him and occasionally it blows up. Calipari is walking that tight rope with players every year.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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